Don’t Let Insanity Get You on Tuesday

by | May 17, 2009 | Predictions


Astro-Success Week of May 16 to 25, 2009

The hits keep coming in May 2009.  Following last week’s Saturn/Pluto aspects, this week there will be a tight and potentially powerful lineup of Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto on Tues, May 19; it will occur with tenth-harmonic aspects (deciles and trideciles).  I dare you to find similar information elsewhere on the world wide web, most astrologers won’t tell you about these type of aspects.

On one of the graphs published here, you’ll see a convergence of lines noticeably, as well as other aspects forming such as Venus and the Nodes aspecting and Jupiter conjunct Neptune on Wed, May 27.  This graph was whipped up quite hastily, so please forgive the quality of the image. The image is that of the transits of May 2009 in the 36 deg. modulus, all aspects of multiples of 36 deg. (conjunction, decile, tridecile, quintile, biquintile, and opposition) show as crossed lines in the graph; as generated with my Solar Fire program.

What does it mean?  Mercury (retrograding) and Mars act to create a sense of urgency or even hysteria in the mind which can propel the mind to innovative ideas or exhibit necessary assertive force when necessary, but it can also bring out obsessions of thinking, shrill voices, as well as other kinds of meltdowns.  Mercury and Mars acting on Saturn and Pluto only serves to deepen and accentuate their effects.  A word to the wise for Tuesday is don’t let a temporary bout of insanity (which we all have) bother you, it will pass very quickly and a clearing of the air can occur.  Be on the lookout for mechanical, electronic, or other types of breakdowns to occur.

Looking ahead you can see on the graph the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune the following week.  A conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune basically only occurs every 12 or so years.  What makes this occasion so significant is that just one day later Neptune itself turns retrograde; it will be Jupiter conjunct a very slow (and deep acting) Neptune. So this is a very rare Jupiter/Neptune conjunction

may09graph.jpgWhat does that mean?  I will no doubt have more words about this next week; but you may already be feeling an amplification and near-exaggeration of hope-filled idealism and an enlivening of images, dreams, and delusions that seem to pick you up into heaven.  Heaven is a great place to be of course, the problem is staying there without that plummeting thud that can occur to us.

I would be remiss to not mention potential expansion (Jupiter) of lies and delusions (Neptune) in your mind, which so many talking heads can be so guilty of; and also the further propagation (Jupiter) of viruses, illness, and diseases (Neptune-ruled).

Some would say that viruses are Pluto-ruled, but I think Neptune has some influence over the body’s vitality, which will affect resistance to diseases.  I will be speaking  more about this in my ebook on the next few crucial years in astrology for the world, which I am in the process of writing. Hopefully it will be out in the next few weeks.


Saturday and Sunday, May 16-17
At times this day will feel heavy and burdensome, contrasted by moments of exuberance and spontaneous optimism on Saturday.  This can be a very pivotal weekend for all, unexpected events can occur.  There will also be moments of loss of confidence or hope that cause people to act in less than honorable ways.  Physical vitality may be low opening the way for chronic conditions to flare, addictions may be activated.  (Saturn stationary direct, Sun square Jupiter, Sun sextile Uranus, Sun square Neptune, Sun biquintile Saturn and Pluto)

Monday, May 18
Mental processes may be energized; this can be a key day to make connections.  (Sun conjunct Mercury)

Tuesday, May 19
Intense urgency, possible hysteria, or an aggressive sense of hopelessness, foreboding, or depression could hijack the overall situation for a couple minutes to a couple hours today.  Meltdowns have the eventual benefit of clearing their air; but maintaining a cool head in the face of seeming insanity may help you to find within you powerful incisive mental power to penetrate through problematical situations to their solutions.  Physical, electrical, and mechanical breakdowns are possible.  (Mercury & Mars 10th harmonic aspects to Saturn and Pluto)

Wednesday, May 20
At first muddled thinking may incite discouragement.  Relationships may hit rocky areas, a feeling of distance and icy ill-regard  may come out; but this is a test of and not a threat to relationships.  Pathological feelings coming out may then be dealt with and resolved, especially if both parties don’t give up so easily.  Later a potential overly-upbeat influence may enter in, which may incite further co-dependent behaviors; be careful of seeing too much in situations, or bending of the truth for seemingly expedient reasons.  (Mercury square Jupiter/Neptune, Venus quincunx Saturn)

Thursday, May 21
There may be tangible “kick” as Mars enters the sidereal sign of its rulership, Aries.  Motivations and passions may surge, and an onset of a sort of recklessness may subtly inebriate us initially.  (Mars enters sidereal Aries, Mercury sextile Uranus)

Friday, May 22
Cordiality will be strong, important relationships will form, and issues of power and control in relationships will be brought out.  (Sun semisquare Venus)

Saturday, May 23
The potential to misuse opportunities through guile, subtlety and manipulation will be enhanced.  Unconscious and obsessive urges may seem to eclipse the normal sense of personal boundaries.  Beware of possible breakdowns, but be also on the lookout for personal breakthroughs.  (Sun quincunx Pluto)

Sunday and Monday, May 24-25
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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