Tues, Dec 5
Today Saturn stops dead in the sky and begins a slow back-track motion symbolizing and turning-within and looking-back of consciousness at some levels for everyone in the world.  As Saturn stations (“stops” in the sky) its influence intensifies and people may be feeling a certain joylessness, but more accurately a somber seriousness of outlook on life.  Is today the first day of the rest of your life?  In astrological sense it is.  Saturn means hard work, delay of gratification, and a goal-orientedness in action.  Others may feel the harsh karmic sting at this time, resounding from life’s buffets but ultimately grateful at being separated from that which they no longer need.  (Saturn stationary retrograde)

Wed, Dec 6
[No Peaking Influences]

Thurs, Dec 7
The feeling of love will burn strong today, deep feelings arising.  A more visceral experience of love can be possible today, actually able to effect a certain transformation in consciousness.  There will be many complex layers to relationship brought out now; which probably don’t deserver much analysis but rather letting them go and letting a heretofore incomprehensible process take place internally.  (Venus conjunct Pluto)

Fri, Dec 7
Important relationships with constructive potentials to them are possible today.  Learning how to manage power and authority in relationships should have a positive boost to them.  (Sun sextile Juno)

Sat, Dec 8
Towards the middle part of the day in US time zones, an influence may be strong that cause you to doubt, lose perspective on things, or cause behaviors that are not entirely honest.  Your sense of personal boundaries may be rather porous, and vitality may be at low ebb.  Later, a far more assertive and aggressive instinct may be enhanced by the stars; arguments, accidents, or injuries could come out if you don’t check your ego from being so easily “slighted”.  Bold, dynamic, and effective thoughts and words are possible today.  (Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars)

Sun, Dec 9
Early on unusual and/or quickly-manifesting relationship situations may come about; they may not last very long but they should be interesting.  Group efforts towards positive social goals are highly favored.  Anything may seem possible, but be sure to be practical in your pronouncements.  (Venus quintile Uranus quintile Juno, Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Mon, Dec 11
The ardor to move out, make things happen, and take on the world probably will be very high.  Not a few bold, outlandish, and obnoxious statements/actions are possible.  Be careful of things like overheating, blown fuses, and other breakdowns from premature, impulsive and ill-thought-out actions.  Mercury aspecting Neptune now can cause perceptions and thinking patterns to be overly swayed or distorted by prejudices, biases, and delusions.  All in all today details may derail the best of intentions.  (Mars conjunct Jupiter, Mercury quintile Neptune)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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