Detailed astrology for the Week of Dec 28-Jan 5, 2009

Sun, Dec 28
This could be quite an intense, confusing, and disheartening day.  Physical vitality may be down, deceitful or underhanded behaviors may be activated (the tendencies thereof), the will to press on may vanish, and some very deep, scary, and obsessive thoughts/energy/actions may arise.  Be very careful heading out, knowing that at times someone may be in crisis around you.  Things may seem bad at the moment, but they are really the most intense forces of change in action in our lives.  (Mars conjunct Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun quintile Uranus)

Mon, Dec 29
No peaking influences

Tue & Wed, Dec 30-31
Over these two days and strong oppressiveness or cast of seriousness may come over all, coinciding with potentially all manner of crisis or breakdown in the workings of the world.  Positively, this can be a great opportunity for study, organization, and analysis of affairs; for proactively making plans for the coming New Year.  On Wednesday, early on there can be some uplift and animation giving purpose and enthusiasm for the day.  (Saturn stationary retrograde, Sun tridecile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Thurs-Sat, Jan 1-3, 2009, NEW YEAR’S DAY
Through Saturn, Jan 3, no peaking influences

Sun, Jan 4
Strong feelings may ensue causing you to want to be with someone or commit yourself to a certain goal or task.  Sometimes feelings can override reason or practicality, and sometimes it is a clue to us that sudden overwhelmingly strong feelings are not necessarily for what is good for us.  (Venus sextile Pluto)

Mon, Jan 5
There may be sudden seizures of shock, hysteria, and alarm upon the group or individual consciousness; which sometimes can be coincided by accidents or injuries.  Be careful.  (Mars quintile Uranus)