Dec 23-29, 2008: Astro-Success

by | Dec 23, 2008 | Predictions

Tues, Dec 23
No peaking influences

Wed, Dec 24
On Christmas Eve there will be a strong impelling force of fate, karma, or destiny bringing people and situations together; spirituality may be important especially in how it applies to you exercising your unique life-prerogative.  (Sun biquintile Node)

No peaking influences

Fri, Dec 26
Relationships and the tone of the mind may be of a serious nature, even hitting bumps in the road.  Perspective and shrewdness today however should help you to better organize things.  (Mercury trine Saturn, Venus quincunx Saturn)

Sat, Dec 27
Unusual and beguiling forces may overly influence relationship situations right now; a love so rare and seeming too good to be true may be in the offing.  Love and marriage though is not all about idyllic pleasures, with a resounding thud come those bliss-stealing situations that we would prefer not to have but in the end though we see how they made us  better lovers.  (Venus conjunct Neptune)

Sun, Dec 28
This could be quite an intense, confusing, and disheartening day.  Physical vitality may be down, deceitful or underhanded behaviors may be activated (the tendencies thereof), the will to press on may vanish, and some very deep, scary, and obsessive thoughts/energy/actions may arise.  Be very careful heading out, knowing that at times someone may be in crisis around you.  Things may seem bad at the moment, but they are really the most intense forces of change in action in our lives.  (Mars conjunct Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun quintile Uranus)

Mon, Dec 29
No peaking influences

April Celestial Events

April 1, Moon on Antares/Aldebaran Axis
April 4, Last Quarter Moon
April 6, Moon conj Saturn
April 7, Moon conj Jupiter
April 12, New Moon
April 14, Moon at Apogee
April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
April 20, First Quarter Moon
April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
April 29, Moon conj Antares
April 30, Sun conj Uranus

Astrollogy Concepts

Mercury, God of Thieves

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