Tue, Dec 12
Dramatic constellations of people coming together may occur today.  Problems in the way of fulfilling your reason for being may occupy a major part of your attention now, as certain inconsistencies of the past become clear today.  (Sun square Nodes)

Wed. Dec 13
Two hits on Neptune today can mean that what seems apparently so may not actually be.  The all-to-human propensity to see things through rose-colored glasses is especially accentuated now.  Relationships and situations may seem uniquely special, but they may lack real manifesting power.  What you may see may exist only as a latency in your own mind, and in order for it to become a reality may take some cultivation, nurturance, and hard work yet on your part.  You may receive unique inspiration, and this could serve to open your heart further.  (Venus and Mars aspect Neptune)

Thur, Dec 14
[No Peaking Influences]

Fri, Dec 15
Turbulence may unexpectedly disrupt the flow of concentration.  Unusual developments may come out of determined application of thought.  (Mercury square Uranus)

Sat, Dec 16
Two hits on Saturn today may cast thoughts and attitudes downward.  Propensities to give in to despondency, pessimism, or depression may flare, which are usually accompanied by situations/events that remind us of our shortcomings.  This is, of course, the cosmic self-problem notification system in operation: fix this situation now you can handle it.  The universe in its infinite mercy has held back the worst of what you should have, but not so much that you don’t feel a clear challenge to rise up to.  (Sun trine, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Sun, Dec 17
[No Peaking Influences}

Mon, Dec 18
There could be collapse and breakdown of some of the patterns of our life at this time, including relationship situations that are no longer viable.  Problems in the self or in relating to others may spur you on to making deep adjustments in your life.  A little part of you may “die”, but only to be regenerated in some other similar but new form elsewhere.  (Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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