Change is an Elective Process

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Predictions for the Week of November 21, 2011

The news this week astrologically is the coming together of the Sun, Moon, and Nodes on Friday, November 25; which means basically that these planets line up in three dimensions instead of two normally.  An eclipse is basically a very powerful new or full moon.

As I have observed, during eclipses a kind of disorientation sets in.  Presumably this is because of the more-tightly-focused-than-usual alignment of gravitational, magnetic, and other energies; serving to “overwhelm” the more sensitive parts of our nervous-energetic systems.  We might like to think of it as a cosmic nudge or download.  Sometimes when we are downloading files onto our computers it will temporarily cause a slowing down of the running of the operating system.  So the same could be considered for etheric parts of us during an eclipse.

Other times when a program gets an upgrade automatically, the system takes a few minutes to install the new version and everything is on hold during that time.  Trying to do normal operations during that time might be risky because files may be corrupted, etc; so it’s best to just “pause” for a bit.

So during eclipses things may go awry somewhat, or you and others may feel a little off-kilter.  Also on Thanksgiving Day, Mercury also will make a station for a retrograde period of a few weeks.  The closeness of these two events may serve to make these few days unusual.  People with points in their charts conjunct or aspected by this eclipse may feel it strongly, and it may mark a turning point to some degree.

At any rate, change is an elective process to a great extent, you may choose to use this eclipse/retrograde event to your advantage.  So instead of just reacting with your typical set of fears and anxieties about situations that you contend with, you may elect to experience them in a more spiritually mature or conscious way.  Try love instead of demonizing other people, places or situations.  Try forgiveness instead of retribution.  Try what intuition tells you, instead of trying to do what your familial, social group or ethnic pattern may react with.  Choose an internal leap up instead of a retreat into the protective, but limiting, shell of shame, blame, and pessimism.

Mercury retrograde, don’t worry about it, just be careful of a slightly greater tendency of subjectivity in your perceptions, errors of bias, and self-deception patterns in what you do.  Thanksgiving Day may be more characterized by discussions, communications, and our intellect than anything else with Mercury making a station that day.

Monday, Nov 21
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Nov 22
Significant relationship developments may occur today, especially in how we can work together with others or how we can form mature and long lasting connections.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Juno, Venus sextile Saturn)

Wednesday, Nov 23
This will be a day to move forward on projects and get the whole enterprise up to a good momentum for long term progress.  People may feel quite innovative, contributing their unique talents.  Relationships may seem uncommonly beautiful, but there is the possibility of these feelings being nothing more than the projections of our highest hopes and dreams onto others with hardly any possibility of fulfillment, and subsequently disappointment resulting.  (Mars trine Pluto, Sun trine Uranus, Juno tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 24, Thanksgiving Day, Mercury Retrograde
The holiday may be marked by a lot of discussions and activities with an upbeat tone to them.  Be careful of promising too much, or making errors of over-optimism.  At any rate there should be a lot of love and profitable ideological ventures, not to mention good cheer!  (Mercury stationary retrograde, Sun quincunx Jupiter, Venus sextile Neptune)

Friday, Nov 25, Solar Eclipse
Today’s solar eclipse may serve to cause confusion, disorientations and things to go awry to one degree or another.  It is a more meditative day than anything.

Saturday, Nov 26
Unusual or abrupt relationship developments may occur, but which may be short-lived as well.  Elements of possessiveness in relationship attitudes will definitely make things go south as well.  (Venus square Uranus)

Sunday, Nov 27
Relationships and cultural and spiritual activities should prosper, but be careful of promising too much, seeing too much in another person, or just spending too much in the pursuit of good times.  (Venus trine Jupiter)

Monday, Nov 28
No peaking influences

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