Mars Conjunct Saturn, Quintile Pluto, August 15, 2012

This week we have a powerful configuration of planets, which has the potential to propel us forward but which at the same time will be quite challenging.  What one person may experience as meanness, another may see it as “not being worried about bruising fragile egos in pursuit of important objectives.”  Mars conjuncts Saturn while making a quintile to Pluto on the same day, Wednesday, August 15, 2012. 

Mars pushes the agenda and Saturn enforces the rules of the playing field, while Pluto adds extreme urgency and potential for all-encompassing change in situations.  In addition, on the same day Venus will be in opposition to Pluto and thus also connecting to Mars and Saturn by a tridecile (108 degrees.)  Venus here will be adding the personal and love dimension to the picture, or at least some degree of tact to what will otherwise be a very intense, intimidating, and unhinging configuration of planets.  Image below is sidereal zodiac. 

August 2012 Mars Conjunct Saturn

Electrical, mechanical, and any other kind of technological process may be interrupted; accidents, injuries and worse are possible in extreme instances.  Emotions may be agitated or sensitized in any number of ways.  Basically, the potential for disruption (but also consequent transformation) defies categorization. 

Those into traditional astrology (like me) will note that Saturn is exalted in Libra, while Mars is debilitated, which may have the effect of making the contrast between “right and wrong” more stark.  The conjunction of Mars and Saturn taking place in the early single digit degrees of Libra (sidereally) may reduce the overall intensity of the configuration, but at the same time possibly bring out the more pathological qualities in everyone involved. 

Then, on Sunday, August 19, 2012, Saturn will perfect its quintile to Pluto, which probably will have the effect of re-energizing Tuesday’s configuration, but hopefully in a much more stable and manageable way.  We all won’t be quite so “surprised” a few days later.  The Universe has its own “shock and awe” tactic that it will use on us; it has the effect of catapulting us out of our engrained habit patterns. 

Nine times out of ten things come back to normal pretty quickly, but for others new life chapters are started.  We guided gently by the hand by higher divine forces in life, but every once in a while we’re going to have to navigate our little canoe through the rapids, if only just to show us how overshadowed and protected we are the vast majority of the time. 

Monday, Aug 13
The more active and intriguing aspects of relationships will be highlighted today. People may be more swayable by their unfulfilled needs and desires. (Venus tridecile Mars)

Tuesday, Aug 14
Ramping up for tomorrow, intensity, adjustments, and dealing with the worst of human consciousness may be tasks for today.  Breakdowns are possible.  Tactical adjustments may be necessary in relationships.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus tridecile Saturn)

Wednesday, Aug 15
This may  be a pivotal day for many, emotions may be troubled and situations challenging.  Motivation for action will be strong with a “do whatever it takes” sentiment.  Breakdowns and delays are possible; be careful of accident and injuries.  There may be significant relationship developments.  (Mars conjunct Saturn, Mars quintile Pluto, Venus opposite Pluto)

Thursday, Aug 16
Multiple relationship configurations today may bring new developments to life.  (Sun square Juno, Venus square Uranus, Mercury tridecile Juno, Venus sesquiquadrate Juno)

Friday, Aug 17
Optimism and realism today may find an easy partnership, as well as spirituality and more material concerns.  (Sun quintile Jupiter, Sun sextile Saturn)

Saturday, Aug 18
No peaking influences

Sunday, Aug 19
The toughness of times may be brought out right now, how sometimes grim determination is all you have, and that you have to keep on keeping on.  Tasks and objectives may seem unusually difficult, but at the same time a great determination can rise to any occasion.  (Saturn quintile Pluto)

Monday, Aug 20
Foolhardy and reckless attitudes may vie for supremacy, causing endeavors to start out before they are ready.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun sextile Mars)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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