BP Oil Spill and Pisces

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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 2010, Predictions for Week of June 7-14, 2010

About every 11-12 years there is the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, which hopefully is a joyous event.  Both Jupiter and Uranus have a spontaneous, electric thrill that accompanies their visitation, so they can have the effect of playing off of each other.  Jupiter also has an expanding and magnifying effect to it, and Uranus has the effect of producing dissatisfaction that precedes and elicits change in our lives.  There is a definite wild and fiery quality to Jupiter and Uranus both.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus 2010The sign placement is in early Pisces sidereally, but early Aries tropically.  On this site I focus on the sidereal signs, since it is the Vedic style.  I’ll take a moment also here to note that the sidereal zodiac does not change, whereas the tropical is the zodiac that changes over the years.  The tropical zodiac has a more temporary or perhaps superficial relevance to our lives; whereas the sidereal zodiac tends to read things from a more eternal, unchanging, deeper-set perspective.  The sidereal zodiac delivers much better from a predictive and material framework as well.

So the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces is going to be concerned with watery things, spiritual matters, and how we delude or inspire ourselves.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac before the cycle begins all over again in Aries, so there is a connotation of endings and ultimate release associated with it.  Pisces is also associated with filmy, smokey, and other such opaque substances as oil and chemicals which are being spread through out the Gulf of Mexico at the present time.

With the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it is not difficult to see a correlation between Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces.  In fact the oil spill occurred on April 20 and the entry of Jupiter into sidereal Pisces occurred on April 26 (according to the Raman ayanamsha).  Basically, Jupiter was knocking on the door to Pisces when the accident occurred; it’s almost uncanny.  Normally people would associate “good” things happening with Jupiter’s contribution to any situation, especially in the sign of its rulership, which is Pisces.

BP Oil Spill Jupiter conjunct UranusWe have to remember that if we take a look at the bigger picture Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn over in Virgo and in square to Pluto and the Nodes.  So the BP oil spill is anything but a joyous event, but there is an outpouring of sympathy and concern for the wildlife and people that are affected by the disaster.  Sympathy and concern are Piscean qualities.

We also get the exposure of the callous disregard for safety by BP which caused the accident, and the incompetent response to the disaster by both the corporation and the US government.  BP will take a long time to recover from the disaster, and the Obama Administration certainly will suffer because of it also.  Neglect and ineptitude certainly can be called negative Piscean qualities.

The situation is by no means over and there are developments to come, what good will come of it remains to be seen.  The astrology of Jupiter in to Pisces has just begun also, and the full tale remains to be told.

The overall effect of this giant planetary cross in the sky will be to skew or distort our perceptions, making us alternately elated and then depressed.  Being on such a roller coaster is going to set loose a lot of things in our lives that have heretofore been solidly in place; but that is good because things set in place too long become hardened and inflexible and we need to agile in spirit, mind and body to win.

As I detailed in my ebook Mounting Challenges, things will be getting “hotter” yet.  Stick around and enjoy the fun.

Day by Day Listings

Mon, June 7
An interesting mix of Jupiterean/Uranian/Neptunian energies today may bring about an urgency, excitement and inspiring quality to the day; consequently for today everything is about feelings, ideas, and the ends in mind. What happens in the present seemingly is less important, not necessarily indicating the value or virtue of the people or situations at hand. At least this is what the participants tell themselves, but there is a great danger of self-delusion at work and therefore problems down the road. (Sun tridecile Neptune, Mars quincunx Jupiter, Mars quincunx Uranus, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Tues, June 8
Potential sudden manifestations are possible as well as new innovative developments, excitement may be strong.  Later in the day a more somber influence will be present to help focus and organization.  (Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Mercury trine Saturn)

Wed, June 9
Early on US time there could be unusual or unsetting energies to deal with, compulsive tendencies may come out.  Perception on issues may be overly influences by predispositions and even a sort of disparaging hopelesness.  Be sure to get the details right.  (Mercury biquintile Pluto, square Neptune)

Thurs, June 10
Drive, ambition, and motivations will be stimulated; as will the urge act on them.  Be careful of accidents, injuries, or conflicts from impetuousness or lack of tact.  (Sun quintile Mars)

Friday, June 11
There could be moments of hysteria or alarm that could elicit arguments or even accidents or injuries  Too much urgency can cause lines of communication to get fouled up.  (Mercury square Mars)

Sat, June 12
Relationships can reach a constructive tone, and a sense of realism and workability could be seen.  However obsessive or compulsive elements in thinking may be drawn out, which could still mar the clarity of purpose in relationships.  Late in the day and early on in European time zones, a sense of rarified but potentially irrealistic emotions may be brought out, especially in relationships.  (Venus sextile Saturn, Mercury quincunx Pluto, Venus quincunx Neptune)

Sun, June 13
No peaking influences

Mon, June 14
Excitement in relationships may briefly highlight the day, but could be fleeting if relationship possessiveness comes up.  (Venus trine Uranus)

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