Lunar Eclipse July 7, 2008 and Jupiter conjunct Neptune

An eclipse is when one of the main “lights”, the Sun or Moon, are temporarily blotted out from our sight by a very close alignment with the Earth.  This is like a symbolic dark night of the soul,darkcloset whereby some sort of crisis produces a necessary change in the psyche of an individual.  If you’ve ever been thrown into closet, you know the feeling: initial panic followed by dawning re-orientation as your pupils dilate sufficiently.

There will be an eclipse of the Moon on Tuesday, July 7 in sidereal Sagittarius.  As the Sun and Moon’s fields of influence (magnetic, gravitational, etc) play havoc with our subtler sensibilities during eclipses, difficulties can ensue.   

Jupiter and Neptune will also re-perfect their conjunction this week.  This will recur on December 20, 2009; which will coincide with the other configurations written about in my latest special report: Mounting Challenges 2009

The exact challenge-days this week will be Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, July 7, 10 and 11 respectively; and then also on Monday July 13

With all the celebrity deaths and recent geopolitical posturing by nations (such as North Korea, Honduras, Israel, and the US) there certainly has been a lot of “hype” eclipsing other things going on of a far more insidious nature, such as the HR 2454 cap and trade bill costing capandtradehouseholds thousands more in fees and taxes.  Bills like this pave the way for even more draconian measures such a the proposed global carbon taxes, supposedly for environmentalism’s sake but really lining the pockets of the cartels that participate in it (not to mention nearly destroying the economies of many third world nations). 

If this isn’t the essence of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius disposed by a debilitated Saturn, I don’t what is.  There is also a tremendous amount of spiritualizing and unifying of peoples under this astrology, such social dynamics however can be manipulated by cunning individuals.  Recall the stage magician distracting you with something shiny in one hand, which doing something covertly with his other.  We fancy ourselves thinking he has magical powers, but we all know it’s just entertainment. 

Day by Day:

Sunday, July 5
The tendency to act inappropriately or to act out obsessions and compulsions may be activated.  Strongly aggressive energies will be present, you might be careful where you tread.  This same energy however can be accessed to call up the courage to initiate big projects, some of which may have to do with transformation, renovation, and purgation.  (Mars biquintile Pluto)

Monday, July 6
Motivation and initiative today may have unusual and fickle expression; there could be a lot of enthusiasm, but it could be of a over-compensatory nature and it may suffer crucial “chokes” at inopportune moments.  Deep relationship issues will be coming out, and at some times it may be hard to see things in a positive way.  (Mars square Jupiter and Neptune, Venus quincunx Pluto, Sun tridecile Uranus, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Tuesday, July 7, Lunar Eclipse in Sidereal Sagittarius

The Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon preventing what would normally be a full moon for about an hour or so producing a feeling of weirdness or disorientation that could cause problems.  There could also be some moments of urgency and alarm, that could cause us to act without fully thinking things out.  (Mars sextile Uranus, Lunar eclipse)

Wednesday, July 8
Mental processes today may be highly influenced by predisposing ideas, which don’t necessarily have to be accurate or true.  In fact a lot of errors may be present in verbal or intellectual issues today.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter and Neptune)

Thursday, July 9
Early on a balanced and realistic tone of affairs can be more easily held, egos that normally may interfere with the smooth running of initiative and enterprises may not be so much of a problem.  (Sun sextile Saturn)

Friday and Saturday, July 10 &11
Early on upset, alarm, and hysteria could seize the moment; or else a very strong sense of urgency.  A tremendously powerful sense of uplift and transcendence will overshadow the present time; it could have the effect of taking us away from what is really important temporarily.  Strong relationship urges will be present.  At the same time frustration at obstacles and delays may feel quite unendurable; and for some bad karma will be coming due. (Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Mercury semisquare Mars, Pluto square Juno, Mercury tridecile Uranus, Mars tridecile Saturn)

Sunday, July 12
Creativity and inspiration should abound; unusual and/or quickly starting relationships may ensue.  (Venus quintile Uranus, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Monday, July 13

Obsessive or compulsive issues may come out in actions,  be careful dealing with people or situations revolving around power and control.  Errors of perception/analysis are possible, see things not as they are but as we would like them to be.  (Mars quincunx Pluto, Mercury biquintile Neptune, Sun conjunct Mercury)

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Mercury, God of Thieves

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