Balancing Escapism with Skepticism

by | Jan 17, 2007 | Predictions

Wed, Jan 17
Progress may seem to be stultified or things may not go as they should.  As difficult as it may seem to believe, this is actually a key time to your manifesting important plans, goals, and projects.  You are deep in the midst of problem-solving, permanently getting past points that have stopped you in the past.  Providing of course that you yourself do not give up.  (Jupiter tridecile Saturn)

Thursday, Jan 18, New Moon in Sidereal Capricorn
The feeling and conviction of love may be very strong now, however in reality its moorings will be very tenuous.  We like to cling to our little escapist fantasies; they seem to offer a free easy way out of pain and struggle.  Then again the things we like to avoid are not really as bad as our imagination tells us.  With Venus conjuncting Neptune today the temptation to leap in the arms of love will be hard to resist, but I would certainly strive to impose a good amount of skepticism in love matters right now if at least to balance out the overwhelming illusory/delusory emotional energies right now.  This influence will spread somewhat over the weekend, and then abrupt change as Venus then opposes Saturn on Monday.  There could be a definite coming back to earth with a thud.  The Moon is completely dark right now (new moon) and therefore very week, there could be instability and uncertainty. 

Fri, Jan 19
No Peaking Influences

Sat, Jan 20
No Peaking Influences

Sun, Jan 21
Energy, motivation, and initiative may be under strange influences today.  You could be vulnerable to latent chronic physical conditions such as allergies or sensitivities, as well as tendencies to act in deceitful or dishonorable ways.  Alternatively, you may find yourself inspired and motivated by less selfish than normal ideals.  You could be “seized” by the spirit of compassion and sacrifice to do some noble deed or fools errand.  Your own discernment will be the key.  It may seem that in order to do something you may need to concern yourself with some loss, inconvenience, or pain.  As you focus on the gain to the all through your suffering however you will be “successful.”  (Mars semisquare Neptune)

Mon, Jan 22
Emotions and relationship situations today may hit some potholes in the road, definitely making the ride less comfortable.  Internal inhibitions or uncertainties may come out for both to see.  Shaming and blaming of course is not the way to go, since that tactic mainly incriminates the perpetrator.  What we hate in ourselves many times we project onto other people.  Some spiteful and hurtful words, thoughts, and suggestions may come out with many layers context to them (which should be examined.)  But hopefully with the square of Jupiter and Uranus today, good turns of fortune will be possible.   (Venus opposite Saturn, Mercury semisquare Pluto, Jupiter square Uranus)

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