Author: Curtis Burns

The Tempo of Astrology

Predictions May 8 to 14, 2012 Lots if intermediate level astrological events this week.  Then next week there looks to be another step up of the tempo of the astrology, look for next week’s predictions column for more...

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Predictions May 3 to 7, 2012

New content!  Thursday, May 3At some point of the day there could be moments of tension, urgency, and alarm; but hopefully peace ensuing quickly thereafter. Electronics and communication may sputter and spit. In other areas...

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New/Full Moons

New Moon          Oct 15 2012 Full Moon            Oct 29 2012 Solar Eclipse       Nov 13 2012 New Moon          Nov 13 2012 Lunar Eclipse      Nov 28 2012 Full Moon            Nov 28 2012 New Moon          Dec 13 2012 Full...

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Current: Jupiter: October 4 to January 30, 2013; ideas and thoughts may take on more of a subjective cast, biases and prejudices are a little more apt to have an effect on debate, spiritual issues may be of a more reflective or...

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