Aug 7-14,2006: Deliberate Deception, Heightened Reactivity

by | Aug 6, 2006 | Predictions

There is a full moon this week in sidereal Capricorn (Moon in Capricorn fully illuminated by the Sun in Cancer); all things being equal these are normally times of emotional fullness and energetic activity.  The Moon representing the mind is here able to exercise its power to fructify and enhance one’s life. 

The week however the Sun/Moon opposition is directing aspecting two big-time, heavyweight malefics; that of Saturn and Neptune, which are themselves coming into exact alignment at the end of this month.  I have written about this Saturn/Neptune alignment elsewhere in this website, focusing more on its geo-political implications. 

On a more mundane level however, this full moon may have a strange and confusing effect.  Physical vitality maybe somewhat decreased, as would resistance to illness; and the tendency of the mind to fall into pessimistic or depressive patterns is more easily brought about. 

In my aforementioned article I connected Saturn and Neptune to the planned, deliberate (Saturn) use of deception and betrayal (Neptune) to further an agenda that would weaken the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual paradigms of our society.  Less of a danger to our physical selves, this is an action aimed at our values, morals, and ideas. 

The rights of self-defense of Israel, the scarcity of oil, the suggestion that we are under eminent threat of a terrorist attack, who are the enemies, and who are our friends; these and others are all issues at center stage right now.  The capacity to allow ourselves to be duped is very high due to the malefic effect of Saturn on Neptune right now; and this allows major developments to occur on the world scene, but which may not be all on the up and up. 

Later on over the weekend Mars will oppose Uranus and that can be potentially explosive; both literally and figuratively.  Hysteria and panic can be inflamed during times like these; as could exaggerated outrage and hostility towards restriction (even if restriction be a good thing).  However, new and innovative approaches toward situations may develop, and quite suddenly so.  But thinking and deliberation may be not be so well exercised as would impulsive reactionism and compulsive aggression.  In other words, people and situations may be on a short fuse. 

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Mon, Aug 7
Do not be too shocked or upset by negative developments today; after all, they were lying in wait for some time now and you probably knew that sometime or another these situations were going to erupt.  You just didn’t want to deal with it though.  Well when you don’t go out to meet trouble, you get his rude knock on the door; and usually it is at the most seemingly inopportune time.  Oh well, that’s how you live your life anyway.  There is no one to shame or blame, except that guy or girl in the mirror.  However a more loving and patient approach will work wonders.  Actually you probably deserved ten times worse happening to you, except that the great mercy of the Lord of Universe held the most of it back for you so as to give you a great chance to succeed.  Keeping these things in mind will make a ponderous day go much better, you may make some important self-developments having to do with honor, diligence, and perseverance.  In other areas you may meet up with some people who promise the Sun, Moon, and the Stars; but may end up only delivering less than a thimbleful.  There could be some good discussion with people though.  Some meetings may hold potential though.  Later on some pretty interesting emotional and/or love developments may occur; offering much to occupy your mind with; possibly distracting you as well from what you really need.  (Sun conjunct Saturn, Juno quintile Jupiter, Venus quincunx Pluto)

Tues, Aug 8
The flames of excitement get fanned higher, threatening to usurp control over an otherwise prudent and considered strategy.  However this is a day to chase after opportunities.  The ability to persuade others may greatly be amplified.  The path may seem a little rocky with all the other Saturnian/Neptunian things going on today.  Be careful of taking on too much, or letting enthusiasm cause you to prematurely burn out on the field.  (Mars sextile Jupiter)

Wed, Aug 9, Full Moon in Sidereal Capricorn
Despite the fact that there is always some sort of background malefic static going on, the full moon today can illuminate the mind and open the recesses of good fortune.  Relationships between others should be energized, if not physicalized.  Later on tonight sudden, unusual, and innovative approaches to heretofore difficult problems may come out, especially so for those who have prepared minds.  (Full Moon, Venus semisquare Mars, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Thurs, Aug 10
It is difficult today to be sure but Jupiter and the Nodes form a minor hard aspect to each other.  Since the Nodes are actually mathematical abstractions, sometimes these predictions fail on a more concrete level.  However, positive and enthusiastic connections between others may come about at this time; sometimes they may promise more than they can deliver.  Later on today the astrology of tomorrow probably will already start manifesting itself, things might start to get strange or confusing.  You might feel a little in a “fog”.  (Jupiter semisquare Node)

Fri, Aug 11
Knowing who and what you are, and finding your source of personal power and strength may be somewhat at a loss with the opposition of the Sun and Neptune.  Physical vitality may be at low ebb, chronic and/or allergic conditions may flare.  The tendency to act in self-undermining ways is also highlighted.  For those who persevere though, and never give up their hopes and visions; they may be rewarded with sublime confirmation of their more refined gifts and indeed be able to connect up with that great Universal Presence.  At the same time the ability to use the mind and voice to pointed effect is favored, great penetration of mysteries is possible as is the ability to push the envelope inappropriately.  Relationships should have an excited, but purposeful quality.  (Sun opposite Neptune, Mercury biquintile Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Sat, Aug 12
The feeling of love, attachment, and the urge to be with someone may be very strong, maybe eclipsing all otherwise normal boundaries.  Love like that is certainly vicarious, but love is more than a feeling.  When the sensation of apparent love is spent, the craving of that feeling may have to be reanimated somehow elsewhere and with someone else.  Such love as that comes out of the emptiness of a pseudo-selfhood that has to have physical validation of its existence because there is nothing else, except maybe for something that is not very nice.  (Venus biquintile Pluto)

Sun, Aug 13
Excitement and/or the exhilaration of danger may be something to be experienced today; whether one has planned that or not.  If there are any hidden land mines in your psyche, today one or two of them might be inadvertently set off.  Controlling oneself may be hard, but if you can you might be able to do some important work that will serve to bring people together.  Beware of possible dangers from fire, sharp metal objects, conflicts, arguments, or accidents.  The use of technology may be important today.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Moon in sidereal Aries)

Mon, Aug 14
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