Aug 28-Sep 4: Smack in the Middle

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Weeks like this are rare.  It would seem that developmental events are about to manifest.  Even if it would seem that nothing is apparent; past experiences would tell me that there are strong undercurrents at work on the world scene.  As above with the world, so below in our psyches…. 

OVERVIEW: Smack in the Middle
Weeks like this are rare.  It would seem that developmental events are about to manifest.  Even if it would seem that nothing is apparent; past experiences would tell me that there are strong undercurrents at work on the world scene.  What manifests on a world scale also has is registering on our personal psyches. 

The chief astrological influence now is Saturn opposed Neptune.  Neptune represents our hopes, that which is potential and yet to come; but what is still only a promise.  Saturn represents quite the opposite: the cumulative effects of the unalterable past dragging us down, seeking to tell us who and what we are based on our past record.  The real you actually exists somewhere in between.  The past does not necessarily truly define us, it is actually imperfect.  The future, or our potential does not fully define us; since it is rather unclear itself. 

Experiences of the past teach us, the vision of the future inspires us.  So right now we’re all kind right in the middle between these two opposite perspectives; feeling, as it were, the exquisiteness of their contrasting effects.  The Earth is literally at its closest midpoint between these two planets.  I would not council for anyone to take any one of these two roads here; but maybe just to let the feelings that come up as you contemplate these things wash over you.  There is nothing much you can do now any way to magically erase the effects of decades or lifetimes of neglect. 

A little pain in the soul might be a good thing right now, a little prick to make you feel alive at least.  That’s something; isn’t it?  You live; and if you were in Beirut, your home may have been destroyed, your family killed by an Israeli bomb; but you live and breath still.  That means something, right?  You may have lost everything due to the effects of your past actions (or inactions) coming back to you; but you can’t give up, you have to continue to carry on nevertheless. 

A lot of malefics (“bad planets”) line up this week.  The good thing about truly bad moments is that they do not last long actually, peace and tranquility returns to stay.  I have written a lot recently about how Saturn and Neptune coincide with calculated deception on the part of authority figures; whether it be because the ends justify the means, or not.  Those things are not to be dismissed right now. 

It would wise to note what we are supposed to “think” right now; how things are portrayed, and who and what is to benefit thereby.  In other areas, more coarse and physical; the action of Pluto turning direct on Monday, September 4 could be quite devastating and life changing at least for some.  As would be the square of Mars to Pluto some days before on Tuesday, August 29.  At any rate, caution and tact may go out the window. 

The fact that Pluto has become near perfectly perpendicular to the nodal axis raises the stakes all the higher.  This could be a very fateful alignment of people and conditions in the earth.   With Pluto its chief effect is to cause breakdown, decay, and dissolution; and object of which is subsequently reborn in another phase.  Its effects are final, not very neat, and with wide repercussions. 

Mon, Aug 28
Early today (more so for European time zones) the power of ideas will be expanded and luminized.  The ability to sell or persuade others will be enhanced.  Discussions and debate should be appropriately lively and beneficial.  Literary and creative people should benefit well from focused work.  Spiritual work and contemplation should be equally fruitful.  (Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Tues, Aug 29
An array of veritable contradictory influences are present today.  Some people might feel highly motivated to act; while others confused and without energy.  The tendency to act in unethical ways may come up, and to be somewhat aggressive or coercive.  Breakdowns of physical objects (including our bodies through exhaustion) are possible.  Walking into areas that contain the possibility of bodily harm will be more risky than usual.  But for those with a goal and a mind to overcome, this may be your day to break past your previous barriers.   Today also Jupiter is in trine to Uranus, which means “sudden good fortune” or at least a temporarily expanded sense of zeal about positive expectations.  (Mars square Pluto, biquintile Neptune; Sun tridecile Pluto, Jupiter trine Uranus)

Wed, Aug 30
At some time today, the urge to use one’s mind or voice to one’s own gain today could be suddenly intensified.  Ethics and appropriateness may go out the window.  If however one keeps their self controlled, great breakthroughs in understanding or projective mental influence can occur.  Obsessive or compulsive thoughts may be hard to control.  (Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Thurs, Aug 31
According to some measurements today, Mars conjuncts the Moon’s South Node (Ketu).  Ketu however is of different actual positions according to different types of measurement; it is therefore unclear when an aspect to the Nodes occurs.  Today however according to a measurement that I have found success with in the past (true node, but not always) Mars conjuncts Ketu.  On the very same day today Saturn and Neptune perfect their opposition to each other; I’ve explained this influence to great length already in the overview above.  Needless to day, this could be a very strange, frustrating, and deadly day at least for some.  The square from Pluto would not seem to help when succor from pain would be wanted; Pluto makes the feelings go deep awakening hidden and dormant aspects of our psyche, aspects best left alone it would seem.  But every monster of the deep eventually must come out, does it not?  Eventually all hidden things come out: dragons, monsters, and those that wear human faces.  The light of truth eventually penetrates into the deepest crevasses and roots up all substance for redemption.  Think about those things today.  (Saturn opposite Neptune, Mars conjunct South Node, Sun conjunct Mercury)

Fri, Sept 1
This would be a good day to connect with your loved ones.  A kind note could be like Cupid’s Arrow.  Keeping one’s feeling from overpowering one’s sense of perspective however could be an obstacle to true communication as another form of love.  (Mercury conjunct Juno, Venus trine Pluto)

Sat, Sept 2
Carrying over from yesterday love and relationship themes continue.  Significance of relationships could be at issue today; whether they can vehicles to self-actualization or perhaps just ego-adornment.  (Sun conjunct Juno, Venus quincunx Node)

Sun, Sept 3
Today Mercury re-animates the trine of Jupiter to Uranus a few days past.  Hopefully as Pluto is now in the final stages of standing still in the sky and fully stop tomorrow; today’s peaking planets will help to mitigate and give “good spin” to otherwise dreadful stars.  Debate, study, and communications should be enhanced, as would persuasion.  Writers and speakers should be favored.  God knows I’ll be hard at work at the next Astro-Success J  (Mercury opposite Uranus, sextile Jupiter)

Mon, Sept 4
Pluto is a very quiet influence, until it strikes seemingly without mercy.  It may be quiet for you, but you may hear about someone on the other side of the world whose life has suddenly not become so quiet for any number of reasons.  One can be assured though that what seems now powerful and strong is actually weak and cowardly.  In the end people always reveal themselves for what they are.  As Jesus said, “By their fruits shall ye know them.”  The outer senses finally come to the same conclusions our intuition told us in the first place.  On the high end of things; it is Pluto’s job to wake up those too dense in the head to understand things any other way.  Eventually mercy becomes not the solution to matters and karma comes knocking on the door; rudely at that.  Is all lost?  Has the world gone down the tubes?  No, hope is eternal; but time is running out.  Hurry up; get your life in order.  Sorry, doomsday-mongers (you know who); take your apocalypse-fascination somewhere else.  (Pluto stationary direct)

I love it when things surprise me.  I can see looking at my computer printout that on top of all the influences I have labored to lay out for you that there is another one coming on the heal of Pluto above you need to know about: 

There will be a pair of eclipses 14 days apart starting on Sept 7: the light of the Sun and Moon not figuratively but literally “wink out”.   This means symbolically the loss of consciousness through crisis, transition, or intense spiritual experiences.  Normal human senses fail when they are catapulted into other dimensions; a feeling of danger or fear is normal.  We just like to feel we understand what’s going on around us. 

Therefore events personally or on a world scale could push along new evolutionary paths, whether we feel ready for them or not.  Eclipses also have the effect of overwhelming our brains, causing them to temporarily “disengage”; a description I am sure is not lost on you. 

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April 1, Moon on Antares/Aldebaran Axis
April 4, Last Quarter Moon
April 6, Moon conj Saturn
April 7, Moon conj Jupiter
April 12, New Moon
April 14, Moon at Apogee
April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
April 20, First Quarter Moon
April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
April 29, Moon conj Antares
April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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