Mon, Aug 11
Expectations may be high and outcomes equally positive; be careful of promising too much being carried away by the spirit of the moment.  (Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Tue, Aug 12
A superabundance of energy will be begging for engagement; so be certain the adventures you launch off on are not exaggerated in their expectations.  (Mars tridecile Jupiter)

Wed, Aug 13
Relationships may hit important points that demand resolution, it may seem difficult learning to not see the other as an enemy will be the key to establishing permanent coexistence.  (Venus conjunct Saturn) 

Thur, Aug 14
Emotions may run strong and deep today, if not somewhat obsessively, but you may be brought to new understandings of parts of yourself.  (Venus tridecile Pluto)

Fri, Aug 15
Early on uncertainty about who and what you are may help bring about a paralysis or mysterious loss of vitality.  There could be quite a serious cast to today’s events, with things tending to the negative or despondent side of things.  Chronic conditions or physical sensitivities may flare.  (Sun opposite Neptune, Mercury conjunct Saturn) 

Sat, Aug 16
The mind may have penetrating power, which can be put to good use; but also there may be a tendency to obsess on pathological matters.  Social, cultural, and spiritual activities should be favored.  Over the next two days you may be able to tap tremendous personal power to get things done.  (Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Pluto) 

Sun, Aug 17
This could be quite an amazing day for personal achievement, but be careful of hidden agendas, deceptions, and mysterious lapses of application at crucial intervals.  Discussion and connections will be highlighted, but there could be relationship issues to be dealt with.  (Mars square Pluto, biquintile Neptune; Venus square Juno, Mercury trine Jupiter) 

Mon, Aug 18
Important relationship issues may occur today in communications and the distribution of power.  (Sun tridecile Juno, Mercury square Juno)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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