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The Combination of Stellar Influences

This book is never far from my reach.  If you want the no-nonsense, right-to-the-point meanings of the planets by themselves or in combination with others, that is derived from decades of exacting research (and you should), this is the book you need to have.  Astrology is simple at its core and this book, written in 1940 in Germany by Reinhold Ebertin, is a classic example.

The book is written in a powerful, open-ended style that you can apply to many different astrological applications: natal chart analysis, transits forecasting, using different types of progression or directions, as well as relationship astrology.  I’ve recently started to use it in a Vedic astrology context. Meanings are psychological in meaning, as well as in the various tangible, physical results that occur under different transits or natal configurations.  Invaluable.

This book is especially helpful in helping your to understand three-point configurations, such as t-squares, yods, and trines; as well as the patented midpoint tree method pioneered by Ebertin himself.  To learn about the various cosmobiology school techniques of his school, you can learn about them in this book.  Even so, Western and Vedic astrologers will benefit tremendously from this book.