Astrology of the BP Oil Spill

by | Jun 1, 2010 | Predictions

Predictions for Week of June 1, 2010

Astrology of BP Oil SpillPotentially one of the greatest manmade environmental disasters, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, precipitated just as the outer planets Saturn and Neptune formed a quincunx to each other. There are other factors involved however: the opposition of Saturn to Uranus, Jupiter moving into conjunction with Uranus, and Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus being perpendicular to Pluto and the Nodes.

Basically planets are lining up like they haven’t in a long, long time. As I have written extensively in Mounting Challenges 2009-11, this whole configuration will become the tightest in mid summer 2010, right around late July, early August. Hypothetically this will be the “hottest” time on the planet, and potentially the best moment to “strike the iron” or take advantage of a highly attenuated interval of time.

Right now there is a lot going on:

  • The European economic crisis with a hemorrhaging Euro
  • Tensions with North and South Korea
  • Continued aggression in Pakistan and threats against Iran by the US
  • The recent Israeli attack on peace activists, and sending nuclear subs to patrol Iran
  • The aforementioned Gulf Oil crisis
  • The continued pillaging of American economy by banking interests, and rapidly decline in manufacturing infrastructure

The BP Gulf oil crisis is a case in point, it is a situation that could have been completely avoided if British Petroleum (BP) didn’t want to cut costs on their operation; and their response to the crisis is obfuscating, blaming, and attempting to cast the situation as not as bad as it really is. It would seem to be corporate willful neglect at its absolute worse, and the situation may continue to shoot millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf for months to come yet.

The economic and environmental impact will be a terrible would to the US, which is already in a very weak position, and BP doesn’t seem to care. But it doesn’t seem to matter because the situation can’t be fixed in a timely manner anyway, which is just how Saturn and Neptune can work by creating a sort of disparaging hopelessness or a type of chronic festering difficulty. The neglectful and disdainful behavior of BP is encapsulated in the Saturn/Neptune configuration.

The main configuration of note this week will be the opposition of Mars to Neptune on Friday, June 4. Energy and motivation may run into some murky areas. Rationales and justifications to actions may be overly tinged by inconsistencies. Causes we fight for may be based merely on personal delusions, and Mars and Neptune acting together may bring out those tendencies in our lives. Enthusiasm may run strong, but mysteriously vanish quickly or cause things to go awry.

Things may simply go awry with correspondingly confused emotions and “helpless rage”; and personal energy and resistance may be at a very inconvenient low point. Low energy and motivation may bring out lackadaisical, deceitful, or inadequate responses in us. Others may find powerful inspiration, but in the end come to a seeming dead end.

There are some positive outcomes to Mars and Neptune opposing each other, but they may only come out as people continue to strive through to the end with situations and don’t give up so easily and take the low road or quit. Many sublime realizations will come out. Typically most people do settle for the low road, but a few others will emerge subtly transformed. The positive definition of Mars/Neptune is “inspired action”.

We are also moving up to the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus early next week, so a lot of the energy and enthusiasm of that configuration will be starting to manifest.

Tues, June 1
Anger and the primal urge to overcome difficulty will be set off in people and in group situations. Ideas and motivations may take on great power today, but important details and distinctions may be glossed over in favor of the raw enthusiasm of the moment. (Sun quintile Jupiter, Mars semisquare Node)

Wed, June 2
Relationships may hit tough spots, challenging the greater commitment of the connection. It may feel difficult to accept or tolerate the restrictions (necessary or not) that relationships and life situations require of us. (Venus quintile Saturn, Sun quintile Uranus)

Thurs, June 3
Social situations and relationships may be very engaging, presenting opportunities. There will be an appreciative, refined atmosphere to the day with some intensity early on. Unusual or unsettling influences peaking tomorrow may already be showing themselves. (Venus tridecile Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Friday, June 4

Energy and motivation may take strange turns or seem to vanish entirely. Unusual events can occur today that have mysterious origins to them, and people may be set off by strange, baffling, or murky reasons. There is the potential for pain and misfortune from toxins, chemical, and substances. (Mars opposite Neptune)

Sat and Sun, June 5-6

No peaking influences

Mon, June 7

An interesting mix of Jupiterean/Uranian/Neptunian energies today may bring about an urgency, excitement and inspiring quality to the day; consequently for today everything is about feelings, ideas, and the ends in mind. What happens in the present seemingly is less important, not necessarily indicating the value or virtue of the people or situations at hand. At least this is what the participants tell themselves, but there is a great danger of self-delusion at work and therefore problems down the road. (Sun tridecile Neptune, Mars quincunx Jupiter, Mars quincunx Uranus, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Curtis Burns

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