Astro-Success This Week: May 15 to 22, 2006

by | May 15, 2006 | Predictions

The big news for the week is that next week Monday the 22nd of May, Neptune makes its periodic station. So the end of this week should prove to be outstandingly illusory, delusory, and with all types of false, diversionary, and ultimately disappointing events and situations arising. What would seem to be very true and so intimately confirmed in the heart, could be the most monumental self-lie of the decade, so to speak. I think you'll agree that the most virulent subterfuges in the world are those that we do to our selves, sabotaging our very own best interests.

The other worse thing about Neptune are its dissolving and dissipating effects. Be careful about chemical sensitivities and dependencies that can go extremely awry, and be careful about that losing the sense of the self and its personal boundaries whereby we let others take unfair advantage of us. The dissipation of selfhood is a real tragedy of human affairs in this day and age, brought about by any number of external influences.

Some people will talk of the positive aspects of Neptune, but let me be realistic and true to my clients and readers…..

Neptune is neither good or bad, its ultimate effect is to loosen the attachments of the ego to materiality and to ultimately dissolve the ego itself back into its universal and wholistic constituent-part state. For those vested deeply into the materiality, littleness and “reality” of the corporeal world; this is a very unsettling and threatening process. The planets especially the outer ones are initiators of the highest order and they ultimately grind against the most recessed, most seemingly innocent vestiges of the human ego.

There certainly may be higher Neptunian spiritual, creative, and divine love experiences; by and large though everyone living on earth today (because they are not yet perfected in their Divinity) will have to give up some no-longer-needed egoistic bit of selfishness in order to receive it.

Monday, May 15
Romantic/emotional connections may run very deep today, maybe having the effect of shifting priorities. Strong emotion however can be misleading in its force. There is a calm knowing that directs us, and then there can be a feeling like a tidal wave washing over us which can certainly tear us from our moorings but its violence betrays it to be the false feeling that it is. Such strong feelings come from the lesser, bodily consciousness; but it is very quick and subsides soon. The other higher feelings/signals have a much more enduring tenor to them. The key today is not to rocked by the violent one, ride out the wave; the right pattern will soon reappear. (Venus tridecile Pluto, Mercury biquintile Pluto, Mercury sextile Juno)

Tuesday, May 16
An exactitude and precision of mind will be possible right now; therefore planning and organizational work is accented; as is such arduous processes as research, analysis, negotiations, and dealing with “lesser-minded” individuals. A potentiality to be pessimistic, depressive, or fatalistic of thought is present; which needs to be counteracted by a vigorous proactiveness and embracing of the concept that we and only we are the engineers of our current dilemmas, and that consequently it is only we who shall resolve our situations. At some time today significant relationships could come about. (Mercury quintile Saturn, Juno tridecile Node)

Wednesday, May 17
Probably a minor high point to the week today with multiple linkups to malefics. Issues of motivation; the legitimacy of it, or the lack of motivations at all (always an excuse to do nothing) are highlighted. The ethics of the uses and abuses of power as well; past histories thereof, and the temptations to repeat them. Deeply significant psychological matters will come up, influencing our behaviors maybe in not the best ways. Strong magnetic and potentially useful personal energies may be activated, and new and unusual situations could come about. (Sun and Mercury quincunx Pluto and quintile Uranus, Mars quincunx Neptune)

Thursday, May 18
The Sun conjuncts Mercury today. Communications, learning, research, persuasion, and business are accented. Definitely not a day to lay around like social parasite. Later on relationships could hit dark areas, love's warmth dies out; and of course then the real spouse/bf/gf comes out. A little bit (or a lot) of repressed anger situations could come out as conflicts, accidents, injuries, fires, etc. (Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus tridecile Saturn, Mars quintile Node)

Friday, May 19
Most of today's aspects actually peak in the first couple of hours of today; therefore they will have become manifest late yesterday and were so posted for yesterday, so nothing significant to report today.

Saturday, May 20
Love and relationships are activated. Love, of course is an otherworldly thing; coming from our divine natures and calling up deep memories of love's eternal divine felicity; be careful however of an easy flow between two people that could be mistaken or assumed to be real love. Be careful also of a nice feeling that you have with another person, that is allowed to languish and pass by through a laxity of consciousness. Creativity is also enhanced. (Venus sextile Neptune)

Sunday, May 21
No peaking influences.

Monday, May 22
Despite today's other astrology majorly addressed in the overview section, there could be some significant relationship developments occurring. Be presentable. Realize however that nothing felt or observed (through the prism of the human consciousness) could be actually real due to Neptune's retrograde station today. Maybe something seem to be real and that is good enough for now, greater revelations and amendments to those conclusions and assumptions will come appropriately soon enough. (Neptune stationary retrograde, Juno tridecile Jupiter)

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