Astro-Success This Week: June 12 to 19, 2006

by | Jun 12, 2006 | Predictions

There is definitely something afoot this week, especially towards and through the weekend.  This COULD be one of those weeks to remember.  Usually an emotional impact coincides with some equally impactful turn of events or eruption of affairs.  Sometimes however it is more subtle and quiet.  Something happens but it barely registers with us; but days, weeks, or years later the time-delayed emotional reverb hits conscious awareness. 

Then we have a situation where we realize something has happened but we vastly underestimate its significance.  A casual remark to a friend or family member, forgetting to do a certain routine task, or some other event where we take life a little bit too neglectfully.  These little deeds (or deeds of omission) of ours come back with a vengeance and haunt us for years to come.  These are the kind of things that could happen this week: passing minor seeming significance, but actually deep far-reaching relevance. 

The sublety however ends with the weekend (if it ever began), and in comes the wolf. 

The period of Friday, June 16 to Monday, June 19 looks especially powerful astrologically.  Mars conjuncts Saturn in Cancer, a sign they are both debilitated in; and simultaneously biquintile Uranus.  Then the following day Uranus turns retrograde.  Wow, bang, pow! 

A combination of these influences happening right around the same time happens only once or twice a year.  What is true on a microcosm level holds as well for the macrocosm we all live and move about in.  Hold on folks, the ride is about to get interesting. 

Mon, Jun 12
The work week starts out somewhat excitedly.  New spontaneous connections and ideas could form that have potential to transform society.  (Mercury trine Uranus)

Tues, Jun 13
No peaking influences today. 

Wed, Jun 14
The sting of karmic retribution may be felt by some today, best be quiet and take your medicine.  There is never something bad that happens to us that we in some way didn’t directly cause.  Pointing the finger of accusation or impugning the guilt of others in different ways will only impede the resolution of the situations.  Accepting responsibility however will be extremely empowering, and it magically transforms pain.  Deep psychological agendas will be active in relationships.  It would be good to look beyond the surface appearance of what is happening between people, there may be more problematical things at work.  Nevertheless the emotions between two people probably will be very intense.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Venus biquintile Pluto) 

Thurs, Jun 15
What is real and actual is less important that what things portend the possibilities of.  “Realism” may in fact seem to get in the way today.  Some days go to the realists, but others will go to the dreamers like today.  Don’t be too surprised at any super high level of promise given, word spoken in greatest confidence, or proud posturing people or leaders exhibit today.  Take them for what they’re worth.  You can always tape or record them to fire you up at a later time.  Ceremonies and rituals are favored, as is persuasion and debate.  Sales are favored as well as people are more ready to invest (bet) on the possibilities of things, whether they be real or imagined; at least they will get a charge out of spending an outlandish amount of money.  The accurate judgment of things may be similarly afflicted by over-optimism.  The perception of love and beauty (earlier in the day) will also be afflicted by unfounded hopes and expectations.  Underneath what seems so beautiful and sublime could be patterns of deceit, deception, and self-undermining at work.  Beware of subtle expectations given and taken in love.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus square Neptune)

Friday, Jun 16
Surprisingly deep emotional reactions to situations, people, and events can come out today.  One may feel the opportunity to take advantage of certain situations where maybe the ethics of it could be argued.  The power of the ego to justify its actions may be very strong.  The ego, of course, seeks power, validation, and recognition to varying degrees of needfulness.  The inevitable breakdown and destruction of situations and things may come about today; which is good because it gives new opportunity for matter, energy, and people to redo what may have gone wrong in the past.  Very strong magnetic, coercive, and charismatic energies may be accessable; be careful how you take advantage of them.  In other areas facts and figures my blur and transform themselves in your mind unless your careful; seeing what you want to instead of what you need to.  Creativity and meditative work should be enhanced.  There could be also a strong background tension and stress which will peak tomorrow.  (Sun opposite Pluto, Mercury quincunx Neptune)

Sat, Sun, & Mon, June 17, 18, & 19
These next three days could be very intense.  Tension and stress could be palpable aggravating all psychological weak points.  People may be wanting to make things happen, or to redress or reform situations but it won’t be that easy.  Coiled up suppressed anger, resentment, and frustration is at risk.  Potential accidents, explosions, or other crises could occur.  Keeping in mind not to step on the tail inadvertently of the dragon would be good.  On Sunday and Monday relationships should be strongly activated.  Above it all a calm detached attitude can find new emotional control that will serve one well in the years to come.  (Saturday conjunct Mars biquintile Uranus, Uranus stationary retrograde, Mars square Jupiter, Venus quincunx Pluto)

April Celestial Events

April 1, Moon on Antares/Aldebaran Axis
April 4, Last Quarter Moon
April 6, Moon conj Saturn
April 7, Moon conj Jupiter
April 12, New Moon
April 14, Moon at Apogee
April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
April 20, First Quarter Moon
April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
April 29, Moon conj Antares
April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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