Astro-Success This Week: Jun 27 to July 3, 2006

by | Jun 27, 2006 | Predictions

A few things to note:
1.  On Thursday, June 29 it could be quite severe and intense as Saturn and Pluto perfect a minor hard aspect to each other.  The world and people as individuals may feel that the Saturnian demands we all feel are most acutely felt by Pluto’s influence.  It really is the time to work, to roll up one’s sleeves and determinedly make breakthroughs. 

2.  On Tuesday, July 4 (Independence Day) Mercury turns retrograde.  Mental, verbal, and intellectual matters are emphasized and possibly become obstructed.  Unusual and/or more subjective states of mind may prevail for a day or two.  The perception/communication of truth accurately may be burdened. 

Tues, Jun 27
The strong urge/compulsion to connect in a deep way will be sensitized.  People may want to get together but there is a strong possibility of less-than-conscious motivations at work, which by nature are suspect.  Mars’ aspect upon Uranus also today will increase the levels of excitement; the tendency of situations and events to get out of hand is present.  Be careful of cuts, burns, and sharp metal objects.  (Juno sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars quincunx Uranus)

Wed, Jun 28
No Peaking Influences

Thurs, Jun 29
Today there could be a subtle but undeniable influence present that impels us to stay focused on important issues that require determination on our parts.  For some the feeling of anxiety, pessimism, and personal insufficiency will become almost unbearable.  By and large though, some unpleasant but true things will be coming to the world consciousness: events, developments, or personalities.  These planets also contain the ideas of making do with less and that life is hard and demanding.  (Saturn sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Fri, Jun 30
Coinciding with the early morning (1.36 am CDT) relationship/emotional configuration which was described in yesterday’s entry, is todays link up of the Sun with Jupiter.  There may seem to be no limit to what the human mind applies itself to.  Be wary however of subtle ego-reinforcement going on at the same time: confusing the necessarily limited human mind with the unlimited divine higher mind, which we are all heir to.  A little pride and arrogance could creep into very-well-appearing acts and deeds right now; the lesser self always falters and does not have the wherewithal to follow through.  Or it is easily distracted by some passing other influence that makes one seem to look good, albeit temporarily so.  In other areas though debate, learning, and persuasion should be favored.  (Venus tridecile Neptune, Sun trine Jupiter)

Sat, Jul 1
An energy much similar to yesterday peaks today, this one might be more damaging to one’s health, financial situation, or relationships.  What seems to good may all in all simply be a pointless waste of time, energy, and resources.  Pointless, that is, but not from the lesser self which needs constant reinforcement of its sense of self-esteem.  To the lesser self even a hollow, passing bit of praise or pleasure is inifinitely better than nothing.  Later the ability of the mind to penetrate mysteries is enhanced; be careful though that in what you say or do it doesn’t strain or break the boundaries of appropriateness.  The ability to use the voice to great effect is activated as well.  (Venus quincunx Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Sun, Jun 2
Relationships are accented today, but in a very sedate, purposeful, and mature way.  If someone does not seem to reciprocate love and affection quite as directly as one would desire it so; then maybe an overly-needful aspect of one’s consciousness is being isolated for work upon.  There could be some subtle pathological undercurrent in relationships going on right now, as well as some hesitancy based problems in the past or externalized senses of inadequacy in relationships.  (Venus sextile Saturn, Venus quintile Node)

Mon, Jun 3
No Peaking Influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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