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Astrology Week of June 21, 2010

Mon, June 21
Be careful of the excesses of unbridled optimism and enthusiasm making you go off half cocked, fueled by hysterical desperation as much as anything else.  Emotions will run strong and deep, relationship dynamics may intensify.  Energies may reach a critical mass, as it were, to produce breakthroughs or breakdowns where appropriate.  (Sun square Jupiter, Venus biquintile Pluto, Mercury quintile Mars, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Tues, June 22
Emotions running hard and deep, getting real perspective may be difficult with all the stealing of the show by the feelings.  (Venus biquintile Pluto)

Wed, June 23
Drama and enthusiasm run strong again, getting real may be challenging with all the unfulfilled ambitions crying for attention, and then there are those moments of irrational alarm that can coincide with tense situations.  (Sun square Jupiter, Mercury quintile Mars)

Thurs, June 24
The tendency to pessimism or depression will be triggered.  Being able to express oneself may be constrained by what seem to be intimidating circumstances; and vague irrationalities may also steal away our energy.  (Mercury square Saturn, trine Neptune)

Friday, June 25
Relationships and the feeling of connectedness in general may suffer; fundamental incompatibilities may be brought to light, as well as the self-directed inhibitions which afflict relationships whether necessary or not.  Remember that is someone or something suddenly seems threatening, maybe they are only there to point out your own shortcomings.  Obsessive or pathological issues will be present to affect outcomes, probably deranging affairs in general.  Breakdowns and various breakthroughs are possible: mechanical, mental, or emotional.  (Sun opposite Pluto, Venus semisquare Saturn, Mercury square Uranus)

Sat, June 26, Lunar Eclipse Sidereal Sagittarius
Eclipses have the tendency to cause a feeling of weirdness to descend, and it may not be the best day to get important tasks done.  The temporary strangeness many times can be looked on a subtle energetic adjustment going on, hopefully moving everyone upwards.  Discussions and perceptions may suffer from exaggerations and overblown expections regardless of the enthusiasm also present.  (Lunar Eclipse, Mercury square Jupiter)

Sun, June 27
It may be difficult to shake a deep set negativity that seems to overshadow everything right now.  Actions and events right now may be the products of a very pathological mindset.  (Saturn quincunx Neptune, Mercury opposite Pluto)

Mon, June 28
No peaking influences.

Curtis Burns

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