Sun, April 5
An obsessive negativity may color thinking and expressing yourself right now.  Anxieties and various disempowerments may look strongly in your psyche elicited by frustrating turns of events.  (Mercury tridecile Pluto, biquintile Saturn, Sun quincunx Saturn)

Mon, April 6
No peaking influences

Tues, April 7
It may be easy today to add a lot of what you hope onto what you see, hear, or think; other than what is really there.  A condition that can be exploited, whether it be self-initiated or otherwise.  (Mercury in Aries sextile Neptune in Aquarius)

Wed, April 8
No peaking influences

Thurs, April 9
It may be easy to assume the worst today, or to not muster the energy to break out of any depressive or negative-mood cloud over us.  Others may find impetus to get better organized.  (Mercury in Aries sesquiquadrate Saturn retrograde in Leo)

Fri, April 10
Breakdowns or breakthroughs may occur today; obsessive/compulsive tendencies may be activated.  Motivation and aggression may be strong between people, and enthusiasm and ardor for learning will be magnified.  (Sun in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Capricorn, Sun tridecile Pluto in Sagittarius retrograde, Mercury in Aries quintile Jupiter)

Sat, April 11
Obstacles, delays, and other impeding factors may stress the mind, bringing out latent tendencies to allow negative moods to inhibit or stop completely our plans.  For a while there should be enhanced ability to probe beyond the surface of matters, as well as the ability to magnify our persuasive ability.  (Sun biquintile Saturn, Mercury trine Pluto)

Sun, April 12
Issues surrounding communications and intellectual matters may cause problems.  (Mercury square Nodes)

Mon, April 13
Early on a sense of hysteria or alarm could be brought about, later confusion over details and a tendency to let issues become distorted or overly-colored by our biases could pose problems.  (Mercury semisquare Mars, quintile Neptune)



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Mercury, God of Thieves

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