April 14 to 20, 2008

by | Apr 14, 2008 | Predictions

This week a number of influences take place at different times, but no overriding pattern is evident enough to comment on this time.  This week starts out though with a minor aspect of Mars to Saturn on Monday, April 14, which can be pivotal to a degree in the world at large.  If it seems rather frustrating and difficult right out of the gate this week, be assured that things look to lightened astrologically soon enough.   This is followed by Mars aspecting Neptune on Tuesday, April 15; and that has proven to be turbulent more times than not. 

The asteroid Juno turns stationary direct on Friday, April 18; this could have the effect of creating significant relationship developments around that time.  This coincides with an interesting set of relationship dynamics seen astrologically the following Saturday and Sunday (April 19 & 20); this may indicate complicated and many-leveled relationship developments occurring. 

Mon, Apr 14
A deep underlying frustration may be brought out by dynamics of events. Hopefully this will fire determination and resolve to press on to the desired conclusion. Activities like weight training or hard physical labor is highlighted; with concentration you may find greater strength.  Later, creative and spiritual activities will be enhanced.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Mercury sextile Neptune)

Tue, Apr 15
Action, resolve, and the passions that move us are transformed in a fascinating way today.  For some it may be too far outside of the norm and self-denial and rationalization may come into play.  People may act in strange or devious ways, all the while believing they are doing good; others may become immersed in confusion and paralysis.  Latent toxic conditions may affect the ability to accomplish things.  Others however may find transcendent inspiration and attach it to their actions; the ego definitely will be reduced.  (Mars biquintile Neptune)

Wed, Apr 16
The mind, voice, and reason should be particular strong today, enabling more effective work, expression, and ability to persuade.  (Sun conjunct Mercury)

Thur, Apr 17

Communication in relationships should be enhanced, the ability to conceptualize and understand how relationships are important.  This can promote greater harmony in relationships.  (Mercury trine Juno)

Fri, Apr 18

Relationship developments could initiate right now, how we are connected to people who reveal certain parts of ourselves.  In other matters, tightly focused and purposeful mental work should be possible; penetrative analysis and communicative ability will be enhanced.  (Juno stationary retrograde, Mercury trine Saturn and Pluto)

Sat, Apr 19
Relationships may hit rough patches, testing the mutual resolve of both parties.  In other ways connections of a competitive, action-oriented, and motivated nature will come about.  Undercurrents of anger may subtly affect interactions and the course of events.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mars biquintile Node)

Sun, Apr 20
What seems to be so today is more influenced by predisposing hopes and inclinations, than by objective reality.  In a way this can be good because the mind feels less hampered by limitations or socially induced constrictions.  As the universe is held in the mind of God, and what God says is the law; you can be your own little "lord" of your universe decreeing what is and isn’t so.  Therefore choose to see positive, constructive thing (as you should always); for what the mind sees, it is reality.  Relationships should be highlighted as well as the ability to magnify the power of the personality.  (Mercury quintile Neptune, semisquare Uranus; Venus tridecile Juno, Sun trine Pluto)

Mon, Apr 21

At times there could be moments of hysteria or impulsive conclusion-jumping, the depth of emotional ranges in relationships could be intensified, but also a calm sort of dispassion should rule.  Early on work and organization activities are favored.  (Mercury quintile Mars, Venus tridecile Pluto, Sun trine Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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