Ann Coulter: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

by | Jun 9, 2006 | Current Events

It is just too obvious but it begs to be further commented on.  Ann Coulter comments in her latest book “Godless”, that 911 widows are self seeking opportunists are basically meaningless.  Everyone has a right to their opinion and the option to write a book about it.  Generally the baser or more provocative the comments, the more it will generate a reactive response.  There is something deeper at issue though.

What is relevant about the issue (and underscored by the astrology of the moment) is that what Ann Coulter really is is a media celebrity icon.  An electronic entity that can be positioned and manipulated in anyway to capture and corral the mass attention of the populace.  Her comments are almost irrelevant as compared as her comments being presented as important or newsworthy. 

Big blocks of time on so-called “hard” news show as well as “fluff” entertainment shows were devoted to the alleged furor over her comments.  We always have to think to ourselves “why are we seeing this”, “what’s really going on here”?  “What’s real and what’s an act?”

As the Ann Coulter flap hit the media it was Wednesday, June 7th; Venus was aspecting both Jupiter and Pluto.  As was indicated beforehand in Astro-Success on this website, “Love and beauty could become very powerful weapons.”  There was an exotic looking but provocatively outspoken lady (Ann Coulter) burning up the airwaves with ethical judgments and innuendos against the widows trading in their familial love for the killed husbands for financial gain.  Not a little bit of complexity and projection going on there? 

She called them “harpies”, “self-obsessed”, and “broads”.  Well, in light of the general truth about pointing the finger of accusation, the astrology of the moment, and the sensationalistic nature of the media; isn’t that kind of like the pot calling the kettle black? 

Remember, remember, remember friends to always think about what is being said to you, why, and how is it being presented. 


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