December 28, 2010
All Bets Are Off!
by Curtis Burns,

Astrology for the Week of Dec 27, 2010: the Final Week and Into a New Year

This is a powerful week indeed, capping off a year of pivotal intensity astrology-wise.  Monday and Wednesday this week look to be the most intense and stressful.

I have observed these last few weeks how intense and problematical astrology manifests through adverse weather conditions.  Whether it is flood, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, or blizzard, they all create havoc, disruption, and the need for adjustment in our lives.  December has been no exception with intense winter in Europe and the USA, strikingly beautiful, but also deadly severe.

Early next week is the last leg of a series of landmark astrological configurations I have charted in my book Mounting Challenges, with a powerful eclipse of the Sun on January 4, 2011.  We are passing through the most intense set of astrological configurations that we will see in decades.

Since we are right in the middle of this configuration, we can’t see what its outcome will be.  The actual manifestations of this entire series of planetary aspects may take months and years to fully see.  While a lot of prognosticators are of a pessimistic or apocalyptic bent, things don’t’ always seem to come out as “bad” as predicted.  In fact I’ve been hearing predictions by people “in the know “of doom and destruction just around the corner for decades now!

I see also good things happening in the consciousness of the people, an awakening; but also I can see battle lines being drawn between camps of authoritarianism and freedom.  It is sobering to see though that the freedom camp is in the minority, albeit a very inspired minority.  By “freedom” I certainly don’t mean a clichéd Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palinesque reactionary use of the word, but a true stirring of an enlightened societal awareness similar to what happened in 1776 in Philadelphia.

Tired spiritual paradigms are dying quickly also, as the constricting mold of orthodoxy proves insufficient to counter the soul-stultifying trends of the world scene.  All bets are off; the future is at the door, defying almost all men’s expectations.  Just keep active and fully alert!

Monday, Dec 27
Powerful emotions and motivations with not-entirely-clear origins may come out today and the tendency to react to situations as a threat may be amplified.  “Fight or “flight” situations may highlight the day.  Be careful of situations that have the risk of accident or injury.  (Sun conjunct Pluto, Mars quintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Dec 28
Romance and emotions in general could come up surprisingly strong, temporarily eclipsing other considerations.  Funny thing about strong feelings is that they many times have shadowy and barely understood origins.  What we feel drawn to like moths to the flame, usually is not something that we really are attracted to as much as we are compelled to by our subconscious mind; and they can revolve around issues of power, control, and domination.  (Venus semisquare Pluto)

Wednesday, Dec 29
Frustrations may be laid bare through events and situations today. What these situations can reveal to us though are our points of base neglect and senses of disempowerment heretofore not relinquished.  Be careful of joints, muscles and bones; injuries and conflicts in general, as well as overall situations of hardship created through events.  (Mars square Saturn)

Thursday, Dec 30
Communications, intellectual, and analytical issues will be coming up. A fair amount of hustle and bustle may characterize the day.  Mercury turns direct today, so traditionally everyone has the green light to sign important documents and initiate business transactions.

Friday, Dec 31 thru Saturday, Jan 1
No peaking influences

Sunday, Jan 2
Energy, motivation, and vitality may be at a low point.  Seemingly mysterious outcroppings of deceitful, dishonest, or deviant behavior may occur.  Other however will find creative and spiritual inspiration, especially with the ego taking the back seat for once.  (Sun semisquare Neptune)

Monday, Jan 3
No peaking influences

Curtis Burns


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