Astrology for the Week of April 19, 2010: Jupiter Enters Pisces, Saturn Opposes Uranus

Things get hot this week on the larger front astrologically, equating with new developments in the human arena.  There are two major factors to consider: Jupiter moves into sidereal Pisces, and Saturn and Uranus form their opposition once again.  On the whole I see this as a positive development for the world because Jupiter will be moving into the sign of it’s rulership, and therefore be in a better position to exert its benefic influence over all.

Jupiter will also be technically in conjunction with Uranus and will do its best to positively swing the larger Saturn/Uranus opposition.  As I labored to make clear in Mounting Challenges, this new Jupiter element in the mix helps the overall current events equation somewhat.  I am a realist though; I don’t think suddenly jobs will start to reappear everywhere, crime go down, or wars end.  Those things seem to be on an ascending trajectory.  However, I am very confident that a well-dignified Jupiter for 12 months will go a long way to deliver our souls spiritually and to introduce new ideas based on enlightened understanding that will help guide humanity in the years to come.  Sudden new exciting opportunities may appear with Jupiter in conjunction with Uranus, and the idea of societal togetherness can serve to be envigorated by transcendent compassion.

The opposition of Saturn to Uranus can ratchet up tension, and bring into high relief the ideas of control vs. freedom.  For instance personages like John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama represent the forces of control and authority; figures like Ron Paul and Alex Jones become well-illuminated spokesmen for freedom and a more relaxed sense of government of, by, and for the people, instead of a ruling elite.  A lot of ideological matters are going to be worked out in the world during 2010, and a little into 2011 before a new social paradigm is set sail for years to come.  For more info about this see my special report.

Minor Technical Digression

I also want to mention that a definite sense of shift will occur for everyone because Jupiter basically will be moving into a new house in everyone’s charts.  Foundational to my statement is the use of the sidereal zodiac (more suited to predictive matters), the use of whole sign houses in charts (which always delivers better), and the use of the Raman ayanamsha.  Hopefully without making my reader’s eyes glaze over in technical matters, let me say that the ayanamsha refers to the actual calculated distance between zero Aries in the tropical and sidereal zodiacs.  I’ve tested the different values in ayanamshas and I’ve found the Raman to work the best, whereas most Vedic astrologers will use the Lahiri value. I’m just a little bit more rigorous in my validating things, as all my clients know.

Back to the Main Points

So wherever Pisces sidereally is in relation to your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in the Vedic chart; this transit of Jupiter into Pisces will mean different things for you.  For instance if you have the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in sidereal Gemini, this will mean positive developments in career since Pisces is in the tenth house from Gemini; or if you are sidereal Virgo this could mean significant relationship developments since Pisces is the seventh house (relationships) from Virgo; and so on.

Jupiter moves into sidereal Pisces on Saturday, April 24, this week.  Saturn exactly opposes Uranus on Monday, April 26.

Day by Day:

Mon, April 19
The emotional tone of the start of the week may be hindered by sudden flare ups of anxiety and pessimism coinciding with delays and obstacles to the normal smooth course of affairs.  Today will be an opportunity to see in the mirror self-limiting factors, illusions and delusions of inadequacy that you still prefer to hold on to. Remember, if there is a problem, you yourself most likely were the root cause of the situation.  Accepting responsibility eliminates the need to shame or blame others that allows the status quo to continue.  (Sun quincunx Saturn)

Tues, April 20
No peaking influences

Wed, April 21

No peaking influences

Thurs, April 22

Relationship issues are brought to the fore, more for getting together than coming apart.  The perception of incompleteness forms a magical connection with the desire to pursue.  (Venus quintile Mars)

Fri, April 23
Relationship situations stimulated by yesterday’s astrology will find more developments ensuing, bringing out unrealistic expectations and a dash of pizzazz.  Remembering we can sometimes “go off the deep end” in regards to relationships, may save us from some crushing disappointments down the road.  (Venus square Neptune, sextile Uranus)

Sat, April 24
Multiple aspects on Venus today will mean developments in relationships, going very deeply.  Also negativistic influences may carry over into attitudes and actions, reinforced by inconveniently manifesting delays or hinderances to progress.  Pathological frames of mind may be drawn out.  In other matters a new shift may be felt in affairs with the switch of Jupiter into sidereal Pisces.  (Venus trine Saturn, biquintile Pluto, Sun biquintile Saturn)

Sun, April 25
There may be some tense moments, going well over into hysterical territory.  Ideas and issues may be clouded by all sorts of biases and prejudices, but that may be no obstacle to those determined to push forward their agenda.  The temptation to abuse opportunities or to act inappropriately, obsessively or compulsively will be enhanced.  (Mercury square Mars, quintile Neptune, Sun trine Pluto)

Mon, April 26

Today there may be a crystal clear sense of ideas, values, and what is important in life.   Various points of view may be put into sharp relief and a palpable sense of tension may be present.  If people stay together, keep their cool; they may find themselves passing through an important juncture in life successfully onto a progressively better life.  (Saturn opposite Uranus)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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