July 1-6, 2020 Astrology Predictions

Wednesday, July 1
Mercury at Inferior Conjunction
Events and situations may motivate us to take leaps out of the box of common solutions. (Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun sextile Uranus, Moon conjunct Algol and the Pleiades)

Thursday, July 2
Early on, relationship issues take center stage. Feelings, or pretended, imagined feelings. (Mercury square Juno, Mercury tridecile Neptune, Moon opposition Venus)

Friday, July 3
No peaking influences

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Saturday, July 4
USA Independence Day
Earth at Aphelion
The Earth is farthest from the Sun today. Happy birthday, USA

Sunday, July 5
Full Moon Eclipse (penumbral-weak)
The Moon darkens and turns red close to the birthday of the United States, not exactly a positive thing. The Sun on Sirius star and the Moon on Jupiter make us feel very majestic nevertheless. Later the Moon conjuncts Pluto, intensifying all actions and interactions.

Monday, July 6
Making progress requires more than just motivation, but motivation can go a long way. Fortune favors the bold, they always say, but fortune more likely favors the practiced and prepared also. (Mars quintile Jupiter, Moon conjunct Saturn)

March 2020 Predictions

March 2020 Predictions

Sunday, March 1 The Moon conjuncts the malefic stars in the Taurus region of the zodiac today, Algol and Alcyone of the Pleiades.  A little intensity helps to shake up things perhaps too long idle.  Monday, March 2 First Quarter Moon Amazing-seeming relationship...

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April 2020 Astrology Predictions

April 2020 Astrology Predictions

If Pluto represents a sort of conglomeration of corrupt influences, almost like an anti-consciousness; Jupiter can act as an expander of those influences and their attendant mayhem, or Jupiter can act as a sort of exalter-redeemer of those energies, channeling them into more socially useful purposes.

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February 2020 Predictions

February 2020 Predictions

Saturday, Feb 1 No peaking influences Sunday, Feb 2 Wild topics with ethical fuzzy areas tantalize attention.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto) Monday, Feb 3 Tempered passion drives situations and relationships.  (Venus sextile Saturn, Mars sextile...

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