9-11 Astrology Revisited

by | Sep 9, 2002 | Current Events

The 911 Horoscope: The WTC Attacks

An astrological chart is a pregnant moment frozen in time, man is in the middle and the glory of the cosmos is all around.  The glorious handiwork of God speaks a story of great destiny for that individual or event, but it also reveals causes and cores of karmic energy patterns, explaining to man the mechanics of the difficulties that he finds himself in.  If we use this art on the chart of the beginning of the 9-11 attacks, a message surely will come forth. 

The chart of the  9-11 attacks has been written of by various astrologers on the Internet and other publications; but their reading of that chart has not been very compelling.  The chart itself seemed rather “unremarkable” for such an earth-shaking event.  I, myself, never bothered to write about it in my newsletter or this online newsmagazine; it just didn’t seem to do anything for me.  My blindness, however, was lifted as I actually determined that I would write about this chart for the 1 year anniversary of the attack.

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

The astrology of 9-11 is a message of warning; the very Messenger of the Gods himself, Mercury, is sitting right on the horizon.

This Mercury is very strong, sitting in the sidereal/Vedic sign that it rules, Virgo.  Virgo on the Ascendant puts the spotlight on that sign.  Virgo is a sign that denotes the concept of JUSTICE, an EXACTNESS of the law that demands payment to the last penny.  Karma was due and almost 3,000 individuals paid it with their lives.

What was the payment for?  Well I do not know exactly; the World Trade Center was a standing symbol of worldwide finance and capitalism.  Is this a judgment on capitalism, one of the forms of American hubris?

Whatever actual karma involved; Mercury here seems to be saying, “Wake up America; wake up free world; your karma is due and it is bad, and you need to do something about it, or this event is just the beginning.”

Mercury and the Ascendant fall in the nakshatra of Hasta, or “hand”.  The hand is a symbol of blessing, healing, and knowledge of the universe according to the Vedic system.  Hasta is attributed to moksha, or spiritual liberation, and its nature is devic, or light-giving.  I attribute the high astrological dignity and spiritual nature of both Mercury and the Ascendant to a very clear message from the Heavens.  
It is quite easy to see that the world is anything but at peace, but here in the United States we live in a world of idyllic wonder with our mortgages, cool cell-phones, DVD players, nice cars, squeaky-clean TV heroes, and cushy high-paying jobs.  Americans do not share the cynicisms of Europeans; or the bitter hatred of those in Africa, the Middle East, and other lands who have endured ravages and impoverishment for generations.

“Wake up, America!”

In the 10th house of authority and government is a weak Jupiter debilitated in sidereal Gemini symbolic of a leader who boasts a lot (George Bush?); and there is Rahu (the North Node) denoting some sort of strong drive to be in control.  The Moon is also in the 10th, signifying the emotional support of the masses.

Both Jupiter and Rahu fall in the nakshatra of Ardra.  The symbol of Ardra is the head which is the seat of the mind, the power of  which can be either used or abused.  Ardra is a nakshatra of a sharp nature that is ruled by Rudra, the lord of the storm and the god of destruction.  Ardra’s alternate symbol is a gemstone, the clarity of which corresponds to the clearness of perception that comes after the spring storm (brought by Rudra). 

There is no question that there was a great storm and then a clarity of awareness that was brought about afterward. 

Down below, in the dark and murky 4th house, lies Mars in sidereal Sagittarius in tight conjunction with Ketu, the malefic South Node of the Moon.  Mars in Sagittarius denotes a fanatical (possibly religious) militant movement or group of people.  Further, Mars and Ketu fall in the Vedic nakshatra of Mula, ruled by Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction (complementing Jupiter and Rahu’s nakshatra position above).  The Mars/Node configuration is very tight and most likely the actual significator of the attack and subsequent destruction.

There is a curious thing about Mars and the Node in this part of the chart: they do not fall in the normal places that would indicate foreign or international interests such as the 7th or 9th houses.
Mars and Ketu in Mula are in the 4th house, and that would indicate that the enemies are right within our very own land; in some deep, dark bowel of our own system.  Mars in this chart is extra malefic due to its rulership of the “evil” 8th house of death, destruction, and occult power.

Was there something really secretive and manipulative going on with the 9-11 attacks?  There is quite a bit of speculation on the Internet about how 9-11 could have been an inside job; but I believe that such issues are secondary to the greater wake up call of the whole event.

I remember 9-11 well; I was at my computer reading news sites, and I kept getting email alerts about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center.  I thought it could have just been a small plane; but as turned on the television set I saw that something truly bad had happened.  The event grew from bad to worse; the horror and pain at the loss of life only grew in me that day.

It was during that time I came to see there are only three things of importance in my life: my family, my nation, and my church.  I knew that I could not fight this enemy hand to hand, and I felt somewhat helpless at the onrushing of events.  I had tried hard in the past to alert the world about possible things such as this.  I could only do so much; but I quietly consecrated myself to God, and vowed that I would make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary in this battle against evil.  I would not go to war, but I could fight perhaps even better in other ways.

Scorpios like me do not necessarily go off half-cocked, rather we are more deliberate in our efforts, where perhaps our Aries brothers (co-ruled by Mars) fall short.  This battle is on the internal front more so than it is on the external.  The enemy is not a people or creed, but it is the failure of us to live up to our Inner Truth and Destiny.

Paraphrasing Moses, we are gods in potential and in the making; but if we are beguiled by the forces of illusion, we may be no longer be wary of the fact that people of lesser integrity may be taking up positions of power and authority in the world.  Edmund Burke said that “for evil to flourish, good men need do nothing”.

Too much prosperity (falsely gained in the last decade) has dulled the sensibilities of the American people.  The sharp prick of karma returns to stir us into more conscientious action once again.
Paraphrasing Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese war strategist; it takes no skill to win a hundred battles, but it does to win a war without making war.  War is exceedingly wasteful.  In spectacular battles, so amazing on movies and television, no one wins except those who manipulate them behind the scenes.

Disclarity of Policy

George Bush and a small army of administration officials are currently selling to the media and the world the urgency to wage war on the nation of Iraq.  What would an all out war against Iraq accomplish except to harden the entire Arab world against the us.  Sun Tzu’s admonishment above is being ignored.  Carpet-bombing Afghanistan apparently did not kill the alleged architect of the WTC attack, Osama bin Laden; what good would it do against Saddam Hussein?

Congress, who actually would be needed in a declaration of war, are not yet satisfied with the Bush Administration’s rationale for attacking Saddam.  Neptune in sidereal Capricorn is now in perfect opposition to Jupiter in sidereal Cancer; there is a fuzzying (Neptune) of issues of homeland security (Jupiter in Cancer) involved.

Would not it be better to fortify our own borders, and to perhaps emulate the terrorists themselves and surgically take out the various cells of terrorist networks around the world; and to take a much more proactive stance in implementing US policy on a worldwide basis?

If Iraq were to be crushed, the entire region will destabilize, the US will be there then for the long haul.  The entire Islamic world will not take kindly to the efforts and the presence of US forces.  Attacking Iraq will not be an endgame, but it will be a very messy and bloody beginning.

The Greater Cycles of History

There are demonstrable cycles to history and civilization.  There is the 50-60 year Kondratieff wave, the Elliot wave, and the 500 year civilization cycle; according to the later cycle, civilizations make major turns about every 500 years.  One can take a look at the last 2500 years.

In about 500 BC, came Siddartha to India initiating Buddhism.  Around 1 AD, came Jesus and the beginnings or Christianity.  Around 500 AD then came the fall of the Roman Empire, the beginning of the Dark Ages in Europe, and the expansion of the Byzantine Empire.

It was in the next 500 years that a resurgence of culture in Europe occurred which was called the Middle Ages.  Around 1500 then we had the beginnings of modern expansion, mercantilism, and the upward climb to the Industrial Revolution.

Which comes to the present time, the second millennium.  We are at the beginnings of a new phase.  While geopolitical intrigues are going on all around us, leaving us uncertain as to the present condition of our bodily health and happiness; we can look up and know that greater things are at work here.

April Celestial Events

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April 4, Last Quarter Moon
April 6, Moon conj Saturn
April 7, Moon conj Jupiter
April 12, New Moon
April 14, Moon at Apogee
April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
April 20, First Quarter Moon
April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
April 29, Moon conj Antares
April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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Mercury, God of Thieves

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