2007’s Last Roar: Week of Dec 18 to 24, 2007

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We are coming up to a particularly potent moment in our lives and perhaps even pivotal for the world at large.  The entire configuration will peak from the dates Dec 18 to Dec 26, 2007. 

Vedic Astrology Lion's Roar

First: Mars will be at its closest approach to the earth for the next nine or so years, and it is in opposition to the Sun. It will also be at its brightest. Since Mars is associated with anger, aggression, and action; this could mean we are up for a very dynamic, if not turbulent week or so. 

Second: as Mars and the Sun line up; they will also be conjoining Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto very tightly in sidereal Sagittarius. 

Third: Saturn turns retrograde. Saturn’s effects many times brings about a distinct pessimism and dark cast to trends of thought. As the main axis activated here is Gemini/Sagittarius I am tempted to say that….


Upon preparing to write about this astrology for this pentultimate week of 2007 I was immediately struck by an alignment of planets that could be of significant impact on the lives of everyone during this week’s period.  The entire configuration peaks from the dates Dec 18 to Dec 26, 2007. The year may end with a roar and not a whimper. 

First: Mars will be at its closest approach to the earth for the next nine or so years; it will be retrograde and opposition to the Sun, which puts the earth right in the middle; we will be sort of "bookended" by the Sun and Mars. Mars will also be at its brightest in the night sky. 


Since Mars is the planet associated with anger, aggression, and action; this could mean we are up for a very dynamic, if not turbulent week or so.  Egos could get even more sensitive, perceiving challenges as threats; and impertinence and haste could cause a greater number of accidents, injuries, or misfortunes; all spanning a range from the internal/emotional to the worldly/material. 

The most intense effects of malefic planets looks to be right over Dec 22 and 24, however.   


Second: as Mars and the Sun line up; they will also be joining in step with three other planets occupying that sign axis of Gemini/Sagittarius: Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto; all of which are in very tight conjunction. 

Third: this month’s full moon will fall very tightly into this somewhat rare planetary alignment, adding color and impact to the entire configuration no doubt. 

Fourth: this week also is when Saturn takes its turn to stop still in the sky and begin a backwards track (called retrogradation).  During these times as the planet stands still its effects are multiplied many times on the personal and collective-planetary psyche.  Saturn’s effects many times brings about a distinct pessimism and dark cast to trends of thought.  Dark attitudes help to surface latent pathological states of mind and body, causing a healthful purgation of sorts but not without risk of inducing even more human negativity. Saturn’s station occurs on Dec 19, just a few days before the peak of the above mentioned planets.  

As the main axis activated here is Gemini/Sagittarius I am tempted to say that the arena of thoughts, ideals, and communications will be most affected.  Bold rhetoric may help compensate for politician’s and other leaders deep inner senses of inadequacy, but maybe at the cost of any number of innocent people’s fortunes or lives. 

Since all the malefic planets will be activated, some of the worst of misfortunes could occur.  It seems the obstinacy of the human spirit can become so set in its ways that it simply must be broken.  As Pluto represents the agency of breakdown and decay, the action of Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, and the Sun upon it would certainly point to collapse and destruction of some things; whether they be of a material or conceptual basis, that remains to be seen. 

Sometimes people decide that it’s okay to go completely off the deep end because they know that their time is short, they feel their own “ends” are around the corner.  In such circumstances people’s goal may just be to take down as many as they can with them, to pull them into their own self-annihilation scenario. 

The Astrology of Our Times

At the risk of sounding pro Ron Paul (my goal is to be objective); upon reviewing the news of the last few weeks.  I feel that the single greatest (and possibly most positive) manifestation of the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto from last week, is the rising success, growth, and enthusiasm for the Ron Paul US presidential campaign.  He represents a completely organic political process very much untainted by big politics and its corruption, that seems to have struck a nerve in mainstream America. 

His record breaking (and completely grassroots) two recent money drives and very high straw poll samplings from a very diverse political crowd seems to be threatening the long settled in American political process.  Mainstream media is starting to recognize his momentum, and even if they are controlled by the same elements that control the electoral process, it is becoming difficult to pass him off as a passing fad.  

With Jupiter and Pluto the power of ideas can reach nuclear power status, and have the potential to create powerful and transcendant effects.  Ron Paul’s rhetoric of non-interventionism, monetary soundness, and governmental restraint seems to be quite marketable right now; and he is cashing in big time.  

This this weeks full moon illuminating the very planets at the core here, this week could a pivotal one for the campaign and the people who are taken up in it.  As far as the road ahead for RP and it’s astrology; that wll be further divulged by me very soon here.  But I think it is important here to indentify possible outgrowths of the astrology in effect over our heads at the moment because it helps up to get a better view of our times and how we can profit from it.   

The Day by Day Details

Tue, Dec 18
Not a particularly great day, but certainly conducive to girding up the muscles of the mind to overcome difficulties.  We get problems, yes; but never more than we can’t handle.  On days like this the whole universe conspires to bring out the best in us, guised in the form of a problem.  Physical conditions may flare, and attitudes may seem especially burdened.  That however is only one side of the equation; the other part of us does not concede defeat and it finds itself drawing on infinite sources of energy and inspiration.  We are feeling the effects of Saturn now grinding to a halt in the sky, but creating in us determination and will-power.  (Mercury and Sun tridecile Saturn, Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Wed, Dec 19
The first leg of a very interesting week peaks today with Saturn the planet of grim determination exerting its effects quite strongly.  Things may seem initially almost hopeless, but as the reality (and the reality of what you can do sinks in) settles in, you become empowered for change.  It is always a choice what path you’ll take, but the high road requiring a little more work, courage, and some deep self-confidence is going to take you places.  The other road, the easy one that the world seems to coddle a lot, takes you nowhere except deeper into you little socket of self-pity/resignation/inertia.  The mind also will be obsessively activated.  What you obsess on you become, sometimes that’s the only way to do it.  In our obsessions though we need to be mindful of hidden, unconscious motivations that are acting as well.  (Saturn stationary retrograde, Mercury conjunct Pluto)

Thur, Dec 20
The pace picks up with Jupiter amplifying Mercury’s enthusiasm, and the strange and unusual comes out with the Sun’s conjunction with Pluto; all aided and abeted by the entire configuring over the Christmas holiday.  Power and it abuses may come to the surface; obsessive or compulsive tendencies may seem to usurp control at times, and the more corrupt elements of human behavior may set the stage for breakdown down the road.  Some people may experience breakthroughs of consciousness, epiphanies through their mysterious journeys that signal a new chapter in their life.  The power to persuade should be very strong, as much as the power to beguile and overpower others.  Relationships may experience strong urges to get together.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Sun conjunct Pluto, Mars quincunx Juno)

Fri, Dec 21
Early on love, desire, and passion could burn strong to help bring about the overall intended effects of this weeks grand astrological configuration.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Mars)

Sat, Dec 22
The intensity starts to build now with maybe a potential to fly off the handle, to perceive threats where none are actually present, and maybe to leap to conclusions prematurely.  Relationships could come to strange and unusual places somewhat challenged, but overall there should be an upbeat spirit present helping everyone to fit in to the bigger picture. (Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mercury opposite Mars, Venus quintile Saturn, Mercury quintile Uranus)

Sun, Dec 23
Hastily formed conclusions may lead to premature actions, which themselves may cause unexpected outcomes.  Ill-formed ideas may congeal around biased psychological predispositions, leading people to think they are correct when they are not.  A feeling cannot replace empirical facts.  (Mars tridecile Uranus, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Mon, Dec 24
Action is the byword.  Be careful of haste producing accidents, pain, and loss.  Egos may be especially sensitive and feel the need to defend their territory.  (Sun opposite Mars)

April Celestial Events

April 1, Moon on Antares/Aldebaran Axis
April 4, Last Quarter Moon
April 6, Moon conj Saturn
April 7, Moon conj Jupiter
April 12, New Moon
April 14, Moon at Apogee
April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
April 20, First Quarter Moon
April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
April 29, Moon conj Antares
April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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Mercury, God of Thieves

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