LunationsNew and Full Moons 2016-17

All dates and times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, also called UTC for Coordinated Universal Time) so add or subtract hours indicated for your time zone for correct times for your location.  Time zone info at at bottom of page. 



Time Zones

New/Full Moons 2016

New/Full MoonDateTime in GMTSidereal PositionTropical Position
New MoonDec 11 201510:29a26°Sc24' D19°Sg02' D
Full MoonDec 25 201511:11a10°Ge41' D03°Cn19' D
New MoonJan 10 20161:30a26°Sg35' D19°Cp13' D
Full MoonJan 24 20161:45a10°Cn51' D03°Le29' D
New MoonFeb 8 20162:38p26°Cp37' D19°Aq15' D
Full MoonFeb 22 20166:19p10°Le55' D03°Vi33' D
New MoonMar 9 20161:54a26°Aq17' D18°Pi55' D
Full MoonMar 23 201612:00p10°Vi39' D03°Li17' D
New MoonApr 7 201611:23a25°Pi26' D18°Ar04' D
Full MoonApr 22 20165:23a09°Li52' D02°Sc30' D
New MoonMay 6 20167:29p24°Ar02' D16°Ta41' D
Full MoonMay 21 20169:14p08°Sc35' D01°Sg13' D
New MoonJun 5 20162:59a22°Ta14' D14°Ge53' D
Full MoonJun 20 201611:02a06°Sg54' D29°Sg32' D
New MoonJul 4 201611:00a20°Ge15' D12°Cn53' D
Full MoonJul 19 201610:56p05°Cp01' D27°Cp40' D
New MoonAug 2 20168:44p18°Cn19' D10°Le57' D
Full MoonAug 18 20169:26a03°Aq13' D25°Aq51' D
New MoonSep 1 20169:03a16°Le42' D09°Vi21' D
Full MoonSep 16 20167:05p01°Pi41' D24°Pi19' D
New MoonOct 1 20160:11a15°Vi36' D08°Li15' D
Full MoonOct 16 20164:23a00°Ar35' D23°Ar14' D
New MoonOct 30 20165:38p15°Li05' D07°Sc43' D
Full MoonNov 14 20161:52p29°Ar58' D22°Ta37' D
New MoonNov 29 201612:18p15°Sc04' D07°Sg42' D
Full MoonDec 14 20160:05a29°Ta46' D22°Ge25' D
New MoonDec 29 20166:53a15°Sg20' D07°Cp59' D

New/Full Moons 2017

New/Full MoonDateTime in GMTSidereal PositionTropical Position
Full MoonJan 12 201711:33a29°Ge48' D22°Cn27' D
New MoonJan 28 20170:06a15°Cp36' D08°Aq15' D
Full MoonFeb 11 20170:32a29°Cn49' D22°Le28' D
New MoonFeb 26 20172:58p15°Aq33' D08°Pi12' D
Full MoonMar 12 20172:53p29°Le34' D22°Vi13' D
New MoonMar 28 20172:57a14°Pi58' D07°Ar37' D
Full MoonApr 11 20176:08a28°Vi53' D21°Li32' D
New MoonApr 26 201712:16p13°Ar48' D06°Ta27' D
Full MoonMay 10 20179:42p27°Ar45' D20°Sc24' D
New MoonMay 25 20177:44p12°Ta07' D04°Ge46' D
Full MoonJun 9 20171:09p26°Sc14' D18°Sg53' D
New MoonJun 24 20172:30a10°Ge08' D02°Cn47' D
Full MoonJul 9 20174:06a24°Sg30' D17°Cp09' D
New MoonJul 23 20179:45a08°Cn04' D00°Le44' D
Full MoonAug 7 20176:10p22°Cp45' D15°Aq25' D
New MoonAug 21 20176:30p06°Le13' D28°Le52' D
Full MoonSep 6 20177:02a21°Aq13' D13°Pi53' D
New MoonSep 20 20175:29a04°Vi47' D27°Vi27' D
Full MoonOct 5 20176:40p20°Pi03' D12°Ar42' D
New MoonOct 19 20177:11p03°Li56' D26°Li35' D
Full MoonNov 4 20175:22a19°Ar19' D11°Ta58' D
New MoonNov 18 201711:42a03°Sc39' D26°Sc19' D
Full MoonDec 3 20173:46p19°Ta00' D11°Ge40' D
New MoonDec 18 20176:30a03°Sg51' D26°Sg31' D

World Time Zones

GMTGreenwich Mean TimeGMT
UTCUniversal Coordinated TimeGMT
ECTEuropean Central TimeGMT+1:00
EETEastern European TimeGMT+2:00
ART(Arabic) Egypt Standard TimeGMT+2:00
EATEastern African TimeGMT+3:00
METMiddle East TimeGMT+3:30
NETNear East TimeGMT+4:00
PLTPakistan Lahore TimeGMT+5:00
ISTIndia Standard TimeGMT+5:30
BSTBangladesh Standard TimeGMT+6:00
VSTVietnam Standard TimeGMT+7:00
CTTChina Taiwan TimeGMT+8:00
JSTJapan Standard TimeGMT+9:00
ACTAustralia Central TimeGMT+9:30
AETAustralia Eastern TimeGMT+10:00
SSTSolomon Standard TimeGMT+11:00
NSTNew Zealand Standard TimeGMT+12:00
MITMidway Islands TimeGMT-11:00
HSTHawaii Standard TimeGMT-10:00
ASTAlaska Standard TimeGMT-9:00
PSTPacific Standard TimeGMT-8:00
PNTPhoenix Standard TimeGMT-7:00
MSTMountain Standard TimeGMT-7:00
CSTCentral Standard TimeGMT-6:00
ESTEastern Standard TimeGMT-5:00
IETIndiana Eastern Standard TimeGMT-5:00
PRTPuerto Rico and US Virgin Islands TimeGMT-4:00
CNTCanada Newfoundland TimeGMT-3:30
AGTArgentina Standard TimeGMT-3:00
BETBrazil Eastern TimeGMT-3:00
CATCentral African TimeGMT-1:00