apogeo-lunaThe perigee and apogee of the Moon is when it is at it’s closest or farthest distance from the Earth respectively.

A perigee full moon (called a Super Full Moon) is going to look a little bigger in thy sky, and the idea is that the closer the Moon is, the greater will be its effect on human behavior.

Times listed in the table below are GMT, adjust for your time zone.


DateDistanceTime GMT   
10-JanPerigee6:01 AM
22-JanApogee12:13 AM
6-FebPerigee2:02 PM
18-FebApogee9:13 PM
3-MarPerigee7:33 AM
18-MarApogee5:25 PM
30-MarPerigee1:32 PM
15-AprApogee11:04 AM
27-AprPerigee5:14 PM
12-MayApogee8:51 PM
26-MayPerigee2:20 AM
8-JunApogee11:21 PM
23-JunPerigee11:50 AM
6-JulApogee5:28 AM
21-JulPerigee6:11 PM
2-AugApogee6:54 PM
18-AugPerigee2:19 PM
30-AugApogee12:23 PM
13-SepPerigee5:06 PM
27-SepApogee7:50 AM
9-OctPerigee6:54 AM
25-OctApogee3:26 AM
6-NovPerigee12:10 AM
21-NovApogee6:53 PM
4-DecPerigee8:45 AM
19-DecApogee1:25 AM