Curtis Burns with his two decades + experience in personal astrology consultations is able to help you to understand yourself, your motivations, your best set of goals, and how exactly to best take advantage of your upcoming cycles. Curtis Burns has been a practitioner of astrology since 1988.

His areas of specialty are Natal Character Analysis, Forecasting, and Relationship Analysis; he also studies very intently geo-political and economic cycles and their astrological correlations. Curtis has studied and researched many different schools of astrology including Ancient Greek and Medieval Astrology, Chinese, Vedic, Modern Western, and such astrological schools as Cosmobiology.

Curtis uses a judicious blend of Vedic and Western astrology in his work with clients. His philosophy of interpretation is that all astrological configurations originate from the Grand Design of the Creator to exalt the character and soul of the individual; and it is through these configurations that individuals will find the fullness of abundant  health, wealth, happiness, and love. Curtis specialized in personal, relationship, and business consultations; and is taking on clients for on-going consulting arrangements. Contact him about his fees.  Phone: 651-274-5318 (US) or EMAIL


Thank you, Curtis, for a breath of fresh air in the world of astrology. Your ability to present Vedic asrology in understandable terms has lifted my spirits and my enlightenment. While my study of Western astrology is useful, I find your interpretations much more accurate and insightful. It gives me a concrete basis for making personal changes and a better understanding of how to relate wtih others on a daily basis. All good wishes for your continued success.”  RM, St. Paul, Minnesota

I just read the consultation summary you sent me…and I must say that I have never had an astrologer send me a report like that. Usually, they just give your birth chart and a tape and are a bit evasive…. Are you sure your not a Virgo because you are very detailed :))) just kidding”  DN, Hawthorne, NJ

“Curtis’ approach was thoughtful and considerate, which helped a beginner better understand the stars and how cosmology truly works.  Curtis’ deep passion for astrology is evident and a great benefit for those of us who work with him in that he sees beyond and is able to share wise examples and sensible guidelines, moving us closer to our destinations.”  SE, Mpls MN

“Thank you, Curtis for insight into the challenges and opportunities facing me over the next two years. Your use of vedic astrology was particularly helpful to me. It revealed career options to me that finally make sense. It also gave me insight into recurring patterns in my life that have been previously unexplained by other astrologers, astrological consultations and methods. Your interpretive style is especially suited to me also. I like how you get right to the meaning of the portents and exclude all the excessive astrological jargon. It makes efficient use of the consultation time and allows an unbroken stream of thought about the most important part of an astrological consultation, its meaning. I look forward to our next consultation. Thanks again, Curtis.”   WH, Kingsport, TN

I’d like to say what a pleasure it was meeting with you for my most comprehensive astrological profile some months ago.  And, your knowledge of both the eastern and western traditions was especially enlightening for me.  I was also impressed at your skill is creating a positive overview even with more challenging aspects.  Proof-positive that we are able to work with– and co-create with these universal energies.  Again, I thank you, and wish you continued success.  SDLF, Minneapolis, MN

“I met Curtis Burns for a first-time reading of my life chart. It was a very enlightening experience, and I was quite impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism. Curtis explained the different constellations, planets and Vedic astrology concepts. I felt very relaxed in his presence and was comfortable discussing personal matters with him. I definitely plan to consult with Curtis again in the future and highly recommend him for astrological readings.”  JG, Minneapolis, MN

“I can’t believe how right on point this week has been with your forecast, it’s incredible!!! Can you give me any more information on Gemini with the current retrograde? Thanks!”  JF

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