Author: Curtis Burns

Kill One, Save a Thousand

Predictions April 10 to 16. 2012: Mars and Pluto Stations, Relationship Developments This could be a very significant week for many, especially in regards to relationships.  There are two different major astrological configurations, very different in their effects, but somehow coming together in our lives.  There will be an opposition of Venus and Juno, which will be closely conjunct the Nodes.  Deeply fated connections may be forming, along with some quite interesting revelations about love.  To punctuate the entire occasion, both Mars and Pluto will be making stations this week.  You can see an image of this line up of planets at the end of this article. Mars and Pluto bring up issues where conscious reason takes a back seat to more complex ego motivations and the deeper end of their pathologies, which are usually very difficult to control or harness.  In extreme cases stations of these planets will coincide with accidents, injuries, or worse; on an individual level, or extending to broader group mishaps.  Mars is force, and Pluto being very similar to Mars will bring out the worst examples of force, coercion, or violence.  Of course violence does not have to be physical in nature, it can be emotional, verbal, or ideological.  These planets cover the whole gamut. The peaks will be Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, April 10, 13, and 15, 2012; a lot of life developments...

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Venus and the Pleiades

Predictions April 3 to 9, 2012, Mercury Stationary Direct, Close Conjunction of Venus with the Pleiades On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, Mercury will turn direct once again; this is the astrological “green light” to now proceed with greater confidence in endeavors pertaining to communications, business, and intellectual matters; in short, most human transactions. A very interesting and beautiful conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades will be occurring this week in the western sky, coming the closest together on Tuesday, April 3, 2012.  If cloud conditions allow, I highly recommended getting outside and trying to see it.  Evening haziness might interfere, but the sharp of eye may be able to discern them.  But they will be very close together in the evening sky all week. Astrologically speaking, the Pleiades are very global in their meanings, many cultures have stories attributed to them (see links below).  At some later date I would like to go more deeply its lore, but I have seen a number of instances in people’s charts of planets conjunct the Pleiades, they have acute and incredibly profound life issues to contend with, such as addictions, abuse or worse. All I can say is that fixed stars such as the Pleiades are extremely powerful and the lessons they give may have to do with the deepest and most powerful spiritual forces within us, as most pathology is, and...

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Leaner and Meaner

Predictions for March 27 to April 2, 2012 The most deepest and most intense astrological aspect this week will be the quintile forming between Saturn and Pluto, which peaks on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.  This may create a sense throughout the week of an intense determination and urgency, which may overshadow all the other configurations.  Other Saturnian and Plutonian feelings of obsessiveness, oppressiveness, and regret may manifest in some way or another.  Wednesday may be marked by things going awry, breaking down, and acute emotional stresses. The upside?  There always is one. Saturn and Pluto in tandem here will serve to separate us out from distracting, diversionary, or otherwise counterproductive people and situations, sharpen our focus, and get us closer to what is real for each of us.  They keep us from getting flabby materially and emotionally, more lean and mean, if you will.  Go for it everyone! Tuesday, March 27Some relationships developments will come about; it should be a good day to connect with important people in your life.  (Sun trine Juno) Wednesday, March 28Emotions may strike hard and true today.  Relationships getting very deep.  A feeling of austerity, intensity, and oppressiveness may be strong, bringing up certain situations that resonate with it.  However the feeling of determination to get through it will be present as well.  For some it may be losses and/or increased responsibilities and burdens. ...

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Musings on the Vernal Equinox

March 21 to 26, 2012: Vernal Equinox Facts, Different Zodiacs, Relationship Astrology Tuesday, March 20 was the vernal equinox, or the first day of spring.  This is where the days and nights are of equal length.  The vernal equinox is also the starting point for the tropical zodiac of western astrology.  Since I practice the Indian brand of astrology called Vedic astrology, or Jyotish; I don’t take it into account as much. This is not to discount the importance of the vernal equinox, it is one of the cardinal points of the year.  Holidays, festivals and sacred ceremonies are universally held around the cardinal points of the years, and also at the cross-quarter points in between them. These are calendrical events, very much dependent on the relationship of the man to the Sun, and having to do literally with marking out the cycles of time: days, months, years and so forth. People will ask me all the time, how can there be two zodiacs, one based on the seasons, and the other based on the stars.  My answer simply is that these are two distinctly different things.  The tropical zodiac is calendrical, while the sidereal (used in Vedic  astrology) is astronomical. Further, one zodiac moves, the other does not change.  The tropical zodiac of western astrology moves backwards against the constellation at the rate of one sign every 2,145...

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Rare Beautiful Configuration

Predictions March 13 to 19, 2012: Grand Trine The very big news this week is the grand trine of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto; it could be quite an upbeat and good day for relationships and good fortune. All the planets are connecting in a flowing manner, and you just don’t see classically “good” configurations like this very much. The “good” part will be the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, which will be very beautiful in the evening skies (weather permitting viewing.) However, these two benefics will be making aspect to malefic Mars and Pluto. The malefics I am thinking in this configuration will strengthen and deepen the overall effects of the astrology of this week, and at the same time bring more misunderstood energies into play. I’m referring to more potentially obsessive or compulsive issues coming about in relationships and human affairs, but with the potential to help resolve them or bring them to better use. Even with the so-called “good” trines involved here, because malefic planets are involved mischief may emerge. Then peaking over Sunday and Monday next week, the Sun will aspect Saturn and Mars the Nodes; which probably will darken and intensify the tone of those days. Click on the magnifying glass lower right in the image below to expand. Look to the western sky for two closely aligned shining stars, those will be Venus...

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