Author: Curtis Burns

The Tempo of Astrology

Predictions May 8 to 14, 2012 Lots if intermediate level astrological events this week.  Then next week there looks to be another step up of the tempo of the astrology, look for next week’s predictions column for more into.  Tuesday and Wednesday this week look to be the most impactful; then early next week things heat up.  This Sunday, the 12th looks to be pretty outstanding, good configurations to make affairs go well. I’m still in the process of getting the site up to the level of where I envision it to be, there may be a few more delays  to getting new articles for another week or so yet.  Tuesday, May 8Aggressive, reactionary, and violent energies may be coming out; events and situations may have a shocking or unsettling feel to them. The Universe however sometimes has to resort to radical means to separate us from our obsolete patterns; and a good little “wake up” nudge can do amazing things. Staying calm of course is the best tactic in any situation, because most urgent, alarming, or crisis-like situations soon pass with a sense of normalcy resserting itself. Sometimes we need to make bold decisions or act boldly on our decisions, for nothing speaks louder than our actions. (Mars quincunx Uranus) Wednesday, May 9Continuing from yesterday, relaxation or more internal, passive pursuits may not be the requirement of the...

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Predictions May 3 to 7, 2012

New content!  Thursday, May 3At some point of the day there could be moments of tension, urgency, and alarm; but hopefully peace ensuing quickly thereafter. Electronics and communication may sputter and spit. In other areas relationship dynamics will be examined, possibly with biased and overly-optimistic eyes; but cordiality should flow later on. (Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury sextile Venus, Juno square Neptune) Friday, May 4Energy and vitality may be subtly elusive, and it may be hard indeed to discern truth from fiction. Some may walk very adroitly between honor and guile. Physical sensitivities may flare, addictive and/or escapist behaviors may surface. Creativity and spirituality will be favored. (Sun quintile Neptune) Saturday, May 5A pessimism may overshadow thought and action, possibly producing an inhibiting, suppressing effect. People may be tempted to see things in black and white only, projecting the darkest of their psyches onto others. Persevering folk however will make progress in overcoming prejudice, bias, and censure; as well as see resolutions to things otherwise considered hopeless. (Mercury opposite Saturn) Sunday, May 6Communication in relationships will be accented; this may be a good time to sit down with that important person in your life. (Mercury biquintile Juno) Monday, May 7Unusual, exciting, and potentially positive developments may be at hand; especially if they be acted on with determination, instead of just discussed. Also at times deep and mysterious subjects may be...

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New/Full Moons

New Moon          Oct 15 2012 Full Moon            Oct 29 2012 Solar Eclipse       Nov 13 2012 New Moon          Nov 13 2012 Lunar Eclipse      Nov 28 2012 Full Moon            Nov 28 2012 New Moon          Dec 13 2012 Full Moon            Dec 28 2012 New Moon          Jan 11...

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Current: Jupiter: October 4 to January 30, 2013; ideas and thoughts may take on more of a subjective cast, biases and prejudices are a little more apt to have an effect on debate, spiritual issues may be of a more reflective or contemplative tone.  Uranus: July 13 to December 13, 2012; on a social or global scale this mode of Uranus may bring about debate and rethinking regarding social change and/or championing the freedom of the individual to express their unique gifts.  All of 2012 Mercury retrograde March 24 to April 14, 2012; July 14 to August 8, 2012; and November 6 to November 26, 2012 Venus retrograde May 15 to June 27, 2012 Mars retrograde January 24 to April 14, 2012 Jupiter retrograde October 4 to January 30, 2013 Saturn retrograde February 7 to June 25, 2012. Uranus retrograde July 13 to December 13, 2012 Neptune retrograde June 4 to November 11, 2012 Pluto retrograde April 10 to September 18,...

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