Author: Curtis Burns

Trump, Clinton and Predictions

Hillary Clinton has had her challenges being in her Saturn sub-dasa since April 2016, it has not been an easy road for her and with no one else to blame except herself with all of the baggage of her various scandals (from early Arkansas to the latest Wikileaks email revelations).

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October 2016 Predictions

Saturday, Oct 1 Great hopes and spiritual transcendence may surround many relationships and emotions today.  (Venus trine Neptune) Sunday, Oct 2 Motivation may root in questionable zones, and energy and vitality could be conspicuously absent.  (Sun quincunx Neptune) Monday, Oct 3 Circumspection today can help keep new initiatives on a sure course, yet excitability/irritability could still derail otherwise steady situations.  (Mars tridecile Uranus, Sun sextile Saturn) Tuesday, Oct 4 Recklessness or impetuosity is not always the solution.  Emotional depth may open new and rich areas of life experience.  (Mars square Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto, Mercury tridecile Pluto) Wednesday, Oct...

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The Emergence of Free Will: Total Solar Eclipse Sept 2016

Consciousness is an energy, much like a flame, and much in similitude to the Divine; and it cannot and will not be imprisoned long in the ludicrous smallness which it many times finds itself in. Out of this consciousness/energy/flame is born free will, which gives us the option to exercise our higher potentials. Or that same free will can choose to reanimate those same ludicrous strictures on its life, and we always have the choice.

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August 2016: Always Darkest Just Before Dawn

To understand the effects better you need to understand that Mars means action, the urge to make stuff happen, while Saturn in contradiction means to stop, to consider and plan things out. They are almost motivational opposites. The square to Neptune then increases the probabilities for deceits and deceptions (self or otherwise) to get added in.

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