Author: Curtis Burns

December 2018 Predictions

Friday, Dec 1 Three hits on Uranus today may incite some unexpected and somewhat status-quo-threatening results.  Be careful or rashness, irrationality, or dangerous impetuosity. Take care with accidents, injuries and body-parts in general.  Boldness may pay off well.  Relationships enter new territory.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus biquintile Uranus) Saturday, Dec 2 Excitement continues today.  Ego may rub each other the wrong way.  Be careful.  Situations, relationships and opportunities may present themselves in ways that they cannot actually deliver upon.  Inspiration and creativity is high.  (Jupiter trine Neptune, Sun semisquare Mars)  Sunday, Dec 3, Mercury Stationary Retrograde,...

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November 2017 Predictions

Wednesday, Nov 1 Difficulties compounded by wrong thinking.  Disappointment over philosophies and methodologies proven wrong, yet maybe inspiring new creativity.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Mercury tridecile Neptune) Thursday, Nov 2, Venus conj Spica at 1:58 pm GMT Venus conjunct the beautiful fixed star Spica in constellational Virgo today may deliver penetratingly brilliant love, creativity and emotions, opening up new dimensions of experience for us.  New thoughts and ideas may challenge old ways of doing things.  (Mercury quincunx Uranus) Friday, Nov 3 Powerful opportunities may tempt you to new adventures in thought, business, or spirituality.  Remember that power, wealth and leadership...

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October 2017 Predictions

Sunday, Oct 1 High potential for extreme output, especially if conscientiously executed.  Be careful pushing boundaries.  (Mars trine Pluto) Monday, Oct 2, Moon at descending node 2:05 am GMT No peaking influences Tuesday, Oct 3, Venus at Perihelion Venus is closest to the Sun today, while also trine Pluto; and then the Sun quintiles Saturn.  All of which may be interesting for connecting with others significantly, but also perhaps guardedly or conscientiously. Wednesday, Oct 4 Energy and vitality in general may be afflicted, causing behaviors with less than stellar honor.  Chronic conditions (and their attendant self-sabotaging psychology) may be...

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2018 Astrology Predictions

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