Author: Curtis Burns

March 2017 Predictions

Wednesday, March 1 Ideas and states of mind and being may contain amazing energy, which can radiate out to catapult a world into a new dimension.  (Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury aspects Jupiter and Uranus) Thursday, March 2 A little realism will go a long way to get in tune with the new world appearing.  (Jupiter opposite Uranus, Mercury quintile Saturn) Friday, March 3, Moon Perigee 7:33 am GMT Urgency, bordering hysteria may drive events at some point today.  Stay cool and incisive.  (Mercury semisquare Mars) Saturday, March 4, Venus Stationary Retrograde Thoughts, emotions and relationships may take on special...

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January 2017 Predictions

Sunday, Jan 1 Motivation may be elusive, dogged by addictive issues and self-deceiving behaviors.  Ardent intention though may deliver amazing and sublime results to efforts.  (Mars conjunct Neptune) Monday, Jan 2 No peaking influences Tuesday, Jan 3 Cordiality and perspicacity are mutually reinforced.  (Mercury sextile Venus) Wednesday, Jan 4 Urgency and decisiveness are emphasized, sometimes there is maybe an overwhelmed experience as well.  (Mercury quintile Mars) Thursday, Jan 5 Emotional resonance is strong and deep, whether those feelings are honest or legitimate, or not.  (Venus semisquare Pluto) Friday, Jan 6 Conversely today emotional resistance and deeply set animosities may...

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